Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Customizing businessroles from the webclient

Even though I think I know a lot about SAP CRM, it took quite a while for me to learn about the possibilities to customize business roles directly from the CRM Webclient. It's actually easier than customizing from the IMG.

So, what am I talking about?
What you need to do first to enable the functionality, is to create a nav bar profile and businessrole (in SPRO :-(). In the nav bar profile, you should add work center CT-ADMIN, and activate the links in the business role. For business role maintenance, activate at least logical link 'CT-BR-SR'.

Update 26-1-2012: I just noticed the function is also available in the standard servicepro businessrole.

Now log on to the webclient using your new role.
In the Administration work center, choose 'Bus. Role Customizing'.
Now in the search screen, you can choose to search for business roles, or create a new one. When you use the search function, you can choose to edit or copy the businessrole.

Let's take a look at the SALESPRO businessrole.

The business role customizing detail screen consists of several assignment blocks.

The header contains the name and description of the business role, ass well as the assignment to the navigation bar profile and the assigned PFCG role.

Navigation Bar
This is the nice part. In the IMG, when working on big businessroles, or on copies of the standard, you can have a very big list of work centers, let alone work center links. In the IMG, the list of available work centers and work center links is not logically ordered, nor is it easy to find what you are looking for.
In the webclient customizing, this has been improved. The list of available workcenters and it's links has been combined, and is thus much more readable. It is now much easier to find the function you want to activate.

Direct Link Groups
The Direct link groups works the same as the navigation bar assignment block, but in this case, it is less important, because in general, there are much less direct links than navigation bar options.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Enables you to set shortcuts to enable your users to navigate faster. This is the same function as in the IMG.

Central Search
Enables you to add fields to the central search (if enabled)

Function Profiles
Enables you to customize the function profiles for the business role.


  1. Nice Blog... Thanks for sharing it.

  2. +1 thanks for the tip. For anyone who wants full instructions here you go:

    1) First and foremost do not modify the SAP standards (always make a Z copy)
    2) Copy a role for instance you can copy the business role SLS-PRO and name it ZSLS-PRO or Z_ADMIN or anything.
    3) Now you will eventually need a nav bar profile. Remember dont modify existing SAP nav bar profiles. Create new navigation bar profile (SPRO->CRM->UI Framework->Technical Role Definition->Define Navigation Bar Profile). Copied the SLS-PRO nav bar profile and added a work center: "CT-ADMIN". (To add the work center just highlight the nav bar profile that you created and select Assign Work Centers To Navigation Bar Profile).
    4)After creation of navigation bar profile, I added this navigation bar profile to the business role that I had copied. You then have to activate the logical link CT-BR-SR. To activate the logical link go to the business role and highlight it. Then select "Adjust Work Centers". Then you should see the work center "CT-ADMIN" highlight this and select "Adjust work center group links". Ensure you make "In Menu" and "Visible" checked for CT-BR-SR (Bus Role Customizing).
    5) Log into the Web UI you will now see this menu option.