Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reading messages and exceptions after calling CRM order maintain

Within SAP CRM the function module “CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN” is used to create and change an Order. Although it has some exceptions implemented, the function module will not return the messages and exceptions within the Order itself. Instead it only tells if the maintain was executed correctly or not. It might be necessary to read the messages and exceptions afterwards, for instance to return them to a portal. This blog contains an overview of the steps that need to be executed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using webservices and document templates to generate output

In SAP CRM 7.0, it is possible to define document templates. Document templates can be used to generate preformatted and predefined documents using Microsoft Word, or Adobe Reader.
Using this functionality is very easy. Implementing is as well... once you know how.
Let's take a look...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disable change documents for tables created using the AET

Using the Application Enhancement Tool (AET), it is quite easy to create new tables. Once you created a new table, the system will generate all required objects. One of the objects created is the Change Document Object, which is used to log all data changes.

Logging changes could be useful, but sometimes it is not necessary. Depending on the customer’s requirements, you decide whether changes should or should not be logged. This blog contains information on how to disable the creation of change documents.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guide to SAP Netweaver Gateway OData & Sybase Unwired Server

This week's blog is about SAP Mobility. Mobility is hot and many organisations are experimenting or even implementing mobile solutions for their enterprise users. With the new OData features in SUP 2.0 it has become easy to expose your SAP data to mobile devices. In this blog we will show you the steps needed to make connection through SUP with a Netweaver Gateway OData service.
In this blog I will show how to setup Sybase Unwired Platform to accept clients making OData requests to Netweaver Gateway. Also how to setup the reference application to test your setup.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Display specific actions as buttons in the CRM Webclient

Within SAP CRM actions are a very flexible way to customize the system to the customer’s requirements. Since these actions are often started by end users, we have looked for a way to optimize the execution of an action.

By default the CRM Webclient UI contains logic to display a button called “Actions”.

Once you click on this button, the Webclient UI will show a pop-up with all available actions that could be executed. Depending on the setting it takes some effort to execute an action:

- Click button “More”
- Click button “Actions”
- Choose an action

Since there might be actions that should be executed frequently, it would be useful to be able to start these actions directly via a separate button. There is a way to do so!