Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adding a date type to the item overview page

One of the selling points of SAP CRM is its configurable UI. You can easily adjust a screen to you business requirements and create different screens for different business roles. Nothing new so far, but have all been there, the business requests to show that one field that is not available in the standard.
For this blog this field is a specific date type, contract start date, which needs to be visible on item overview. This field is only available in the assigment block Dates.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To save or not to save?

In some cases it should not be possible to save orders with errors, but when you hit the ‘Back’ arrow you receive the data loss popup whether or not you want to save the changes.
When the user chooses ‘Yes’ the order with errors will be saved.
To prevent the changes to be saved (when the order contains errors) we can enhance the main window.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marketing Attributes and how to get rid of them

In SAP CRM the use of marketing attributes is a great way of enriching your customer data with freely definable attributes. The use of marketing attributes can be widespread in your organization and serve different purposes. Most commonly organizations use them to create customer profiles and segment customers to target them for marketing purposes.

A successful organization goes to great efforts to maintain their marketing attributes and makes sure that customer-facing employees constantly update important customer data. The creation of new attribute sets and the underlying attributes and values is quite easy and flexible. Deleting attributes, on the other hand is not as straightforward and for a good reason too.

If you could delete an attribute that is already assigned to a customer then you would lose essential customer data along with it. Fortunately SAP CRM prevents you to delete those attributes but it is often not very clear on how to safely remove the attribute. This week’s blog will give you some tips on how you can remove attributes without losing valuable customer data.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Using Configurable Data Retrieval to limit data


In SAP CRM, transactions are linked to the Business Partner in assignment blocks. For instance, the opportunities for a certain customer are visible in the assignment block BP_BPBT/ACCOUNTOPPORTUNITIESOV .
  As a standard, SAP CRM shows all opportunities that are linked to the business partner, regardless how old they are, or what status they have. For opportunities this is most of the time not much of a problem, since opportunities don’t come in big tranches (depends on what company you’re working for ;-)). However, for activities it can be very helpful to filter on certain parameters so only the relevant activities are shown.
To make this possible, SAP has introduced Configurable Data Retreival (CDR).