Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Knowledge articles in SAP CRM

As from SAP CRM 7.0 SAP introduced knowledge articles.
Knowledge articles can be used to store:
  • User Manuals
  • FAQs
  • Troubleshooting Articles
  • How to documents
  • Etc.
Knowledge articles are integrated into several processes and TREX is mandatory for searching.
The most common process is the service process, where a customer calls the interaction center and the agent has to search for the right information and provide the answer to the customer.

The functionality of searching for information is not new in SAP CRM. There is still the solution database (part of the service functionality). This is functionality is almost identical to the functionality of knowledge articles. There are some important differences between these functionalities though:
  • Knowledge articles are setup as a special transaction type. Basically a knowledge article is a transaction which can be created like an order.
  • Knowledge articles are available in the look and feel of SAP CRM webclient (the solution database is only available in the SAPGUI)
  • Knowledge articles are being improved in later releases of SAP (like in EHP1 there are already some improvements). Changes to the solution database are unlikely.
  • Knowledge article templates can be used to quickly create a new knowledge article. Implementing knowledge article templates can be quite complex, depending on the complexity and variaty of the templates.
There is some documentation around, but not as detailed as we liked it to see.
Check the attached document for our settings on implementing knowledge articles.