Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Configuration of product set types in Web UI

When you have configured a product set type in the SAP GUI, you probably want to display this in the Web UI too.

The product set type doesn't appear automatically in the Web UI, it needs a little customzing.
Product set types are used to add additional customer specific attributes to products. When configured, they are found under the label 'additional set types' on the basic data tab of the products.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Using tab order definition

 Well, that’s a funny little thing…..

…appearing in SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp1…A nice new feature which I ran into while activating switches and reading documentation in CRM, was a function called ‘Tab Order Definition’.  By enabling this function you can go through all the fields in a BSP-component in a predefined order by using you TAB-key. And yes, as a user, you can define this order yourself.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BW – Analysis Process Designer (APD) - The use of APD for performance improvement

Analysis Process Designer

Usually the Analysis Process Designer (APD) is used to find and identify hidden or complex relationships between data from various databases from systems in a company. The analysis results are saved in BW data targets, a CRM system or e.g. a flat file. They are available for all decision and application processes and thus can be decisive (strategically, tactically, operatively).

For one of our customers we used it to improve the performance of graphs and tables in a CRM factsheet.

Using the APD, we were able to reduce the load time of the factsheet from 2 minutes to less than 3 seconds!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Enhancing the search result view with an extra attribute.

Let’s say ‘e-mailadresses are top of mind’ within your organization. Your organization is handling more and more business processes by e-mail. So an updated accountfile of e-mailadresses is very important for supporting these processes. So a check if an e-mailadress is maintained can be done via various ways. For example an Alert in the Interaction Center Message area or set the field mandatory when a business partner operates in a new business partner role etc. Another option is enhancing for example the search result views where a business partner is involved.

Result of this enhancement (After reading this blog)

As you can see a new colomn is visible in this opportunity search result view.
An employee can directly see if there’s an e-mailadress maintained for the corresponding business partner. How further the prospect is getting in the (sales)process how more important an e-mailadress can be. For example for quotation reminders, digital invoices or for surveys.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SAP CRM EhP1 - customizing transaction assignment blocks

After implementing enhancement pack 1 for SAP CRM, the assignment blocks for transactions (activities, orders, service orders, opportunities, leads etc) get a new feature. You can now customize which filters are to be applied to the assignment block.

Using this feature, you can for instance decide that the 'closed activities' should show only activities with userstatus 'closed', or that for instance certain transaction types are not relevant. Or even that only certain transaction types are relevant.

Customization of these filters is done on screen configuration level, enabling you to implement different filters per screen config. This means that in practice, you can have different filters per businessrole.

Different businessroles can have different filters applied to the activities assignment block, enabling you to for instance show only certain activities to specialised users.