Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Enhancing the search result view with an extra attribute.

Let’s say ‘e-mailadresses are top of mind’ within your organization. Your organization is handling more and more business processes by e-mail. So an updated accountfile of e-mailadresses is very important for supporting these processes. So a check if an e-mailadress is maintained can be done via various ways. For example an Alert in the Interaction Center Message area or set the field mandatory when a business partner operates in a new business partner role etc. Another option is enhancing for example the search result views where a business partner is involved.

Result of this enhancement (After reading this blog)

As you can see a new colomn is visible in this opportunity search result view.
An employee can directly see if there’s an e-mailadress maintained for the corresponding business partner. How further the prospect is getting in the (sales)process how more important an e-mailadress can be. For example for quotation reminders, digital invoices or for surveys.

This is the standard view without an enhancement:

When you look in the personalization view of this screen you can see that there’s no option to add the business partner e-mailaddress here.

The steps to follow

First find out (with F2) which component and view you need to enhance.

Open the UI Component with the UI Component Workbench.

Enhance the component and the view.
For the view: Select in this cace view BT111S_OPPT/RESULT en click on right mouse button and select ‘Ehance’ and follow all required steps.

Here you can see the ‘search attributes’ (displayed as a colomn) which are standard available. Click on the right mouse button on ‘Attributes’ and click on ‘Create’ a Wizzard will start.

Attribute name is the name which will be used in the enhancement of the view.

The correct BOL entity can be found in the BOL model browser. BTQROpp is the shortname for Business Transaction Query Results Opportunities.

Find your new attribute via the relation of the different objects. This can be little labyrinth. Here you can see where the e-mailadress attribute is found:


Attribute has been added:

Is your field not visible under the configuration tab? Check the design layer. For more infomation you read this blog: Missing fields in the UI Configuration Tool? Check the Design Layer Customizing