Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Event Linkage Types in SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow is a flexible and powerful tool to organise processes in your SAP system.
With the flexibility, you will also find complexity.

In some cases, details about certain settings might be irrelevant, because the process you are implementing does not require them. For instance, if you don't use 'event queueing', you will not need to bother about the event queue background job.

Some setting might seem irrelevant, but can actually be quite important. One of these I found out is the 'Behaviour on Error Feedback'.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SAP CRM Archiving: “Go clean your system!”

Yeah I know it sounds boring, but it’s not! Well at least I hope you agree with me when you have read this blog ;-)

OK, what is Archiving?

Archiving is moving data from the online database via an archive file, and storing it on the file system or an external storage system so that it remains accessible to the users and auditors.
So why would you, as a SAP CRM guru, want to archive?
Basically it comes down to two answers;
  1. Performance; a decrease in your online database results in a better performance thus user experience.
  2. Money; a system can only handle a certain amount of data, when this amount is reached new database space has to be bought.
The problem is not in why we SAP CRM guys and technical guys want to archive, because of the benefits! But you have to convince the business/ the users that archiving is good for them. They often don’t see the need.

I think the Performance improvement is the best argument to get them aboard, because the money part is more an IT thing; it does not “hurt” them directly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changing operators for dynamic queries

In search screens in SAP CRM, you sometimes run in to the fact that for some reason, you are not able to select a search option you might want to be able to select.
For instance in the example, let's say we would like to select all service order types starting with 'ZS*'. This is not possible in the standard, but there is a way around this. Let's talk about 'Query Objects in the Generic Interaction Layer (GenIL).

Query objects are used to find business objects within the BOL. Many of SAP’s business objects have queries implemented to support specific search conditions. These query objects can easily be found using the GenIL Model Browser.
Besides standard query objects, supporting only 'values equal to' searches, some of the query objects are implemented as 'dynamic query objects'. Using these dynamic query objects it is possible to support multiple operators within the search. As said, it is possible. Not all dynamic query objects support all kinds of operators. This blog explains how to change the operators for dynamic query objects, to support custom specific search scenarios.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Enhancing Product Search with Business Role dependent field.

During an implementation of SAP CRM we focus a lot on tuning the system to user requirements. By configuring the UI based on user roles we have the opportunity to hide or show fields as the role requires. This is not always the case for filter values and search fields.

The standard product search in CRM will show the user all materials in the system. For this blog we want to help users to quickly find the right products depending on the role they use in the UI. Not all of these requirements can be solved with authorization so in this blog we describe the steps needed to enhance the standard product search with the field Item Category group and limit the values of this field per Business Role.