Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Most important reasons for choosing SAP Web Channel Experience Management

The new SAP WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management) offering has been on general release for over a year. The question that I often get from my customers is to help them with preparing the business case for their managers. As I developed these business cases, I've found some commonality or emerging patterns to consider for choosing the standard e-commerce solution (SAP WCEM) of SAP in stead of a third party e-commerce solution integrated with a SAP Backend (SAP ERP/SAP CRM).
I’ve listed the following reasons:
  • The key strength of SAP WCEM is the tight integration to data and process configured in the backend ERP and CRM systems, it is clear that the functionality built into SAP WCEM is aligned with those processes. SAP WCEM is therefore the only fully integrated solution with SAP ERP/SAP CRM. All data that is available in SAP ERP could be automatically made available on the webshop. Other solutions do not have such tight integration across all functionalities.
  • SAP WCEM uses all the business logic which is used in SAP ERP/SAP CRM. No changes needs to be made in SAP ERP/SAP CRM.
  • SAP WCEM is primary designed and optimzed to the maximum to only serve the main purpose: Enabling e-Business for SAP processes.
  • SAP WCEM supports real-time sales order generation, dynamic pricing, personalization, availability checks, credit management, regional restrictions, different sort of payments etc.
  • Enabling functionalities within SAP ERP/SAP CRM automatically applies to the WCEM e-commerce solution.
  • The primary goal of the Web shop is to turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel that delivers convenience and satisfaction to business partners and end consumers. 
  • Small investment is needed for using the Web Channel platform and solution of SAP.
  • The Web Channel platform is using the latest Web 2.0/Java standards (JSF 2.0) functionality. 
  • WCEM has one common solution for B2B and B2C
  • Business-on-behalf (B2B): WCEM supports the business-on-behalf scenario. No extra enhancement is needed when the solution is rolled-out. 
  • WCEM supports displaying all customer specific information such as orders, complaints, service requests, campaigns, loyalty point etc, that are created in SAP ECC/SAP CRM or the webshop. 
  • Interactive User Interface: The webshop provides an innovative interfaces Web 2.0 technologies to deliver highly interactive shopping and support experiences.
  • The performance on the webshop is optimized by using MDM data on runtime.
  • Product presentation modes: The webshop provides the customers with a variety of display modes of the product catalog.
  • Search Capabilities: The webshop provides customers intuitive navigation throughout the catalog and a strong google like search (type ahead).
  • Rich product detail view: The webshop provides a wide variety of product information including images, attachments, files, html texts etc.
  • Integration with Social media, like product rating, product reviews etc.
  • Business configuration of webshop without programming (Web channel builder).
  • Category based navigation: Navigation on the webshop could be done based on the categorisation which are defined in SAP ECC/SAP CRM.
  • SAP developed the sales, service & marketing processes and made them truly aligned to the processes and data in the backend SAP systems but also very much aligned to the user in accessing one site to buy and serve. This is all encompassed within a rich WEB 2.0 architecture and modular in nature for easier adjustment. It's this rich mix of functionality across multiple use cases that starts to make SAP WCEM a compelling offering. This offering isn’t just only used by hundreds of SAP customers and tested, SAP gives you also the required support to address immediately issues.