Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Translating and transporting OTR texts

In some cases you have several languages defined in you SAP CRM system (e.g. English and German). Therefore you will need to maintain the texts in the CRM WEB UI for the different countries. It can happen that you want to edit the standard translation that SAP provides for a particular country to your specific translation.

This week's blog is about OTR texts in the CRM WEB UI that needs to be translated and transported in a specific way. The Online Repository Texts (OTR) is a central storage location for language dependent text, which can be maintained via the transactions SOTR_EDIT and SE63. You can find the OTR texts in the tables SOTR_HEAD and SOTR_EDIT.

In this example I will show you how to translate the text “Ausgabevorschau” (Preview Output) to “Ausgabevorschau BLOG”.


Transaction SOTR_EDIT

Search for the text “Ausgabevorschau” and press Display

Double click on the package CRM_UIU_BT

Now the Package and Concept are displayed. Copy them, because you need them to translate the OTR text.

Transaction SE63

Translation > ABAP Objects > Short Texts

Select > OT > SOTR

Fill in the package "CRM_UIU_BT" and make sure the Source and Target language are filled in correctly.

Press F4 > the following screen pops up. Press return.

Fill in the Concept.

Press Find > now the Package and Concept are filled correctly in the field Object Name. Press Edit.

Now you are able to edit the translation:

Standard translation

New translation

Save your changes.

As I mentioned before these OTR text changes need to be transported in a specific way since the transport system doesn't start up automatically.

Transaction SE38 => program RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER

  • Select the right Target Language = deDE
  • Select Workbench Request
  • Filter on Object type and Package = SOTR and CRM_UIU_BT
  • Press F8 and the transport will be created

Transaction SE01

Search for the new created transport:
After the transport is implemented it is possible that you don’t see the changes at once. This is because the texts are cached. In that case don’t worry, just execute transaction /$OTR to reset the OTR buffers.
When you start up the CRM WEB UI or refresh your screen then you will now see the text changed to your specific translation.