Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Opinion Blog: CRM vs CEM

The blog of this week is a bit different from our usual content. We want to know your opinion on one of the trending topics in the CRM field, Customer Experience Management (CEM). SAP is emphasizing more and more on CEM in the 360 Customer offering. But what is CEM exactly and what makes it different from CRM?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CTI (Open CTI and BCM) integration with SAP Cloud for Service

As you might have read in our former blog about SAP BCM and SAP CRM there are many benefits for your business with SAP BCM.

Besides SAP CRM, SAP BCM can also connect with SAP Cloud for Service. The SAP Service Cloud variant. This integration is completely standard, via a generic adapter. This adapter can also connect with Avaya and Cisco; (non-SAP products).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Retail Execution in SAP Cloud for Customer

New in the August release

Last July the SAP Cloud for Customer upgrade to version 13.05 was released. This version has quite some new and enhanced functionality. Specifically marketing functionality was added. As of this release SAP Cloud for Customer offers tight integration with Marketo and campaign execution functions for example direct e-mail campaigns have been improved considerably.
In he latest August release (13.08) the cloud solution is improved even more. In this version SAP improved existing functionality and again added more. There are quite a lot of new and improved features in this release. If you are interested to receive a detailed overview with illustrations and examples please let me know and I will send you this overview.

In this blog I would like to focus on a new area in SAP Cloud for Customer. The CRM solution portfolio includes industry specific solutions like industry solutions for utilities, banking, media, healthcare etcetera. It only seems logical that we are beginning to see Cloud for Customer Industry solutions as well. In the latest release the first Industry cloud solution is introduced, SAP Cloud for Sales Retail Execution for the Consumer Products industry. It contains new functionality for creating store visit plans and surveys. I would like to explain the retail solution configuration and use with this little scenario.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SEPA is coming ... part 2

In our blog 'SEPA is Coming….' we shared some of our experiences while implementing SEPA in SAP CRM.

When we released our first SEPA blog, some functionality was still under development by SAP. A lot has happened since then and we would like to give you a SEPA CRM update.