Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The power of BPath

This one is for the CRM developers out there. A very specific topic this time: BPath. What is it? BPath is a query language from which you can access data and objects in the Business Object Layer by specifying commands in a character string. It doesn't allow for things you cannot do otherwise but it certainly allows you to do things in a much more compact and code-efficient way.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Access Sequence on Role Cofiguration key

The CRM WEB UI is a flexible user interface that lets you alter based on a user's Business role. This leads to many user requirement during our CRM implementations. However if we look at all the views that we alter we see that there is a big overlap in views. In other words, for several business roles the same custom view will be required while for other views the same business roles require a different view. Until now this meant creating a new role configuration key and copying all custom views. Since this can be a time consuming activity and it leads to high maintenance cost in case of changes, this blog will show an easy way to dynamically find the correct view using an access sequence.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Open a URL after a button click in the CRM Webclient

Within the CRM Webclient it’s very easy to enhance views and add, for example, a button. These buttons can be used for all kind of actions and of course you are completely free in implementing your own business logic. Let’s assume you added a button to create a quotation or a different type of output. Most likely the user will not only be interested in creating the document, but he would also like to view it. You might think of a solution where the user clicks the button to create the quotation and afterwards clicks a link to call it’s URL. But why not combining these two actions? Is that possible? The answer is YES and we will show you how to.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There’s more than just the F2 in the WebUI..

Every SAP CRM consultant knows what’s behind the F2-button when using the WebUI. For every one else: it triggers the launch of a popup with all technical information about the current layout at runtime.

This is very useful information which can be used to determine which components are used and (current) configurations that are called. However, more shortcuts are available in the WebUI that are not so familiar. Today’s blog lists them all out.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ABAP debugger Tips & Tricks

At this moment there are two versions of the ABAP debugger, the old debugger and the new debugger available as of SAP Net Weaver 2004. With the new debugger, the functionality of the ABAP Debugger has increased tremendously.
Every now and then someone surprises me with functionality that I didn’t know was available. That's the reason that I’m writing this blog so that I can share some of the findings within the debugger that made my life easier.

1.     External breakpoints using Terminal ID;
2.     Saving function module parameters;
3.     Configure table layout with the table tool.