Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Supervising and Monitoring your Contact Centers with SAP BCM

In an earlier blog we have discussed the benefits of integrating SAP BCM with SAP CRM for your Customer Service. In today’s blog I would like to go into a bit more detail regarding supervising and monitoring your contact center with SAP BCM.

Supervisor tool:

SAP BCM offers a powerful tool, the Supervisor Tool, to control and coach your contact center agents. The supervisor tool is embedded in the SAP BCM softphone.
When it comes to coaching, the supervisor tool offers you amongst others the possibilities of:
  • Real-time call coaching
  • Barging in a current call
  • Listening back to a recorded call
  • Listening to a current call
In the supervisor tool, you just need to enter the number of the agent you would like to supervise and with the calls coming in for that agent you can choose whether you would like to listen to a call or coach the call etcetera. Also all calls can be recorded for training purposes.

Besides the coaching and supporting functionality of the supervisor tool, this tool also gives the supervisor some real-time monitoring capabilities. With the supervisor tool you can:
  • Manage your agent presence (you can see the agents serving and the agents that are free)
  • See and manage agent queue login statuses
  • See number of pending emails and retrieve them
  • See ongoing call details.


Monitoring tools

The SAP BCM Online Monitoring tool is a browser based tool, which means you can access the tool from anywhere you are to monitor your contact center.

The tool supports a number of views:

Summary view: with this view you can have a look at the current status of all queues of your contact center, or you can drill down to the summary of the specific queues that you are interested in. You can create personalized system status bar views to quickly change monitoring perspective. For example create separate calls, emails and chat related system bar views.
With the queue monitoring and alarm view, you can set up alarm thresholds per queue and activate in-queue alarms, longest waiting time alarm or number of agents alarm per queue. You will get notified once the set alarm threshold is exceeded, by the queue alarm view popping-up automatically. This way you can identify bottlenecks quickly and immediately take corrective actions. Also on the summary view you can compare current statistics with a reference day, which could be today minus 1 day up to today minus 1 month.

Agent view: this view enables the manager to actively monitor agent performance and make real-time adjustments. With the agent view you can drill down to the details for agent performance, see his/her current status and statistics on queue login (for example how long has the agent been in wrap up time, how long has he been in pause status, how long has he been in his current status etc). You can see the queues the agent is assigned to and attach or de-attach him/ her to a queue when necessary.  And you can see the agent’s skills settings and change them on the spot in case the contact center requires this.

Contact view: this view allows you to see the statistics on specific contacts. You can search per agent, contact or callId and see the interactions for a specific contact (whether he contacted you per phone, email or chat) in a specific time frame. You can see which calls have been taken by which agent (and listen back the recorderd call), how long did the contact person had to wait before his call was taken, what was the handling time and which calls for this specific contact have been abandoned. In case the call was abandoned you can see to which queue the call was assigned and who abandoned the call.

Campaign view: this view gives you a detailed insight in your outbound campaign results. It shows you outbound calling volumes, outbound call durations, outbound campaign sales results and outbound agents performance. Once you select a campaign for further details, agent statistics for that campaign will be shown.

Reporting and Analysis tools

With SAP BCM, out of the box reports are provided with both Microsoft Reporting Services and Business Objects Web Intelligence reporting tools. Also you can choose to use other 3rd party tools for reporting.
The out-of-the-box reports are:
  • Service level and volume reports
  • Agent reports
  • Queue and skill reports
  • Outbound Campaign Reports
With both Microsoft Reporting Services based reports and SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence based reports, you will be able to view the available reports, export them to various data formats and subscribe reports.

For sofar this blog on SAP BCM’s supervisor and monitoring tools. Please be aware that SAP is now introducing SAP BCM integrated with SAP Cloud for Service. We are following these developments and will go into detail on this integration in one of our ‘near future’ blogs. Please make sure you don’t miss it!