Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Creating dynamic screen layouts in SAP Cloud for Customer

This week SAP started the upgrade path of the Cloud for Customer Solution to its latest release (14.05). Again a lot of new and improved functionality is available to businesses to further support their Marketing, Sales and Services processes. If you are interested in an overview of what is new in 14.05 you can watch this short video.

In this blog I want to highlight two new interesting functions. With Page Lay Outs and Code List Restrictions there is more flexibility and ease of use to provide for specific UI screens or field drop down lists tailored for specific user groups. Up to now this was only possible with the use of the Cloud Applications Studio (SDK) in which you created specific UI switches. After creation a key user could then assign a specific UI switch to a business role. As of release 14.05 this can be done without the SDK and is now part of the Key User tools.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Helpfull Reports for SAP BEx Queries/Workbooks

This blog may not interest CRM consultants. But... you can help a fellow BW consultant with these simple and effective ABAP Reports. These Reports which will generate lists of all BW queries/workbooks existing in a SAP BW System, including the version in which it is stored.  If you need to migrate your BW Queries and Workbooks this will help you create slack in the planning of our valuable project time.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Customer Experience Management Part II

A while ago in this blog, we discussed one of the trending topics in the CRM field, Customer Experience Management (CEM). As stated, CEM intentionally tries to direct the experiences of a customer or prospect across all touch points with your company.

CEM and CRM are strongly related and may well be in the same area of expertise. CRM aims to service the customer in the most efficient way. CEM emphasizes on the view of the customer. How does the customer or prospect experience our service and sales offerings and, in general terms, our company? In other words, the outside-in view.

Touchpoint analysis

That is the theoretical part, but we would like to see if a CEM based strategy can be translated into practical solutions. As a first step, we should analyze the touchpoints with our customers. A customer touch point refers to an interaction with a customer where we categorize this interaction in terms of channel (which communication channel has been used?), stakeholder (which internal of related external stakeholder has communicated with the customer?) and optionally the customer life cycle (what is the maturity phase of the relation with the customer?).

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution V6.703

Over the past few years SAP frequently released new versions of SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment Solution SAP CRM” from September 28, 2011 we discussed the methodology of RDS. Since then a lot of new RDS solutions and new versions (new features) where released.
Solutions. In the blog “

The latest RDS solution of SAP CRM is V6.703 and has been released on the 28-04-2014. In this blog I will highlight some new features/functionalities that is added by SAP.