Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to get up to speed with SAP Cloud for Customer

In our blog you find a lot of information on the SAP Cloud. Detailed information on creating dynamic screen layouts in SAP Cloud for Customer, Implementing a change in SAP Cloud for Customer and a lot more nice stuff. But the other day I got a question on how to start with SAP Cloud for Customer i.e. Cloud for Sales. So let’s say you are an SAP customer, SAP customer internal consultant or SAP system integrator consultant rather blank on Cloud for Customer and you want to set your first steps into the Cloud. Where to start? In this blog you can find a couple of sources where to start and how to get up to speed as soon as possible.

Almost all information sources mentioned in this blog post requires an OSS-id. Please contact your local SAP Administrator if you need one.

SAP Cloud trainings

Do you prefer the classical classroom way of getting new information? Then you can attend a training at SAP Education. There are nice trainings for functional consultants and development consultants.
Details and schedules on the functional training for SAP Cloud for Sales can be found in the SAP Training and Certification Shop. You can find the 4 days training by searching for training code C4C10 or just look here for course details and schedules.

Are you interested in the development platform, the SAP Cloud Applications Studio? You can find the 4 days training with code C4C30 in the SAP Training and Certification Shop or just look here for course details and schedules.

SAP could also run a private training event just for your company if there are several colleagues who would need a training at your site, or hosted at an SAP office, or delivered virtually. You can contact the customer-specific training team ( as they would be able to help set that up.

Do it yourself in the SAP Cloud

If you can’t find a proper training in your preferred schedule or you prefer self-paced do it yourself trainings please look at the next possibilities.

SAP provides a series of e-learnings on SAP Cloud for Customer called learning maps for three SAP Cloud for Customer Roles (Sales Executive, Presales Consultant or Solution Consultant). They are available globally to SAP employees and partners 24 hours a day. The learning map contains over more than 10 hours information on introducing SAP Cloud for Customer, product demos, test drives and integration. You can find the learning map here.

Additionally to the leaning maps you can gain hands-on experience with the SAP Cloud for Sales Implementation Experience. The Implementation Experience is an enablement service that provides you with guided procedures, a dedicated SAP Cloud for Customer system and the necessary materials to simulate the implementation of the SAP Cloud for Sales product. You act as a system administrator for Almika, a fictitious midsize enterprise, who is responsible for implementing SAP Cloud for Sales. You can register and find more information on the SAP Cloud for Sales Implementation Experience here.

Other nice SAP Cloud sources

Besides classroom trainings and do it yourself learning materials there are more nice resources. Some examples. Nice demos, how-to’s can be found on the SAP Cloud or Customer YouTube channel here. Functional, technical, integration and connectivity documents can be found on the SAP Support Portal here. And, of course the SAP Community Network is always a very good source so definitely have a look here for Cloud for Customer solution in general and here for SAP Cloud Applications Studio.