Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Connecting to SAP Cloud for Customer from a Mobile App build with SAPUI5

Recently, a colleague found this document describing a REST/OData service that is available in Cloud for Customer. Using this service, it's possible to read, create and update data in your Cloud for Customer system from other systems or applications. I started to think about a nice scenario to create a mobile app using SAPUI5I came up with the idea of an app that enables customers to view and create service requests in the Cloud for Customer system by filling in a simple form. In this blog I will describe the basic steps to connect to the cloud for customer system using odata.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Automatic determination of your organizational data in the IC webclient

(eg. kill the popup)

This is Kate, a very skilled call center agent.

For our story, let’s assume you are Kate. You are working on three different departments; in the morning, your working in the front office. In the afternoon, you serve the back office while you handle hard cases for the 'Special Cases team' ad hoc.

If you are assigned to multiple positions in the organizational model of SAP CRM, you might run into some very annoying popup’s when creating a transaction. The system needs to know, to which organizational unit you are assigned so it can determine the organizational data, used for billing, reporting and assignment of its transactions.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Synchronising industry system customizing in a few clicks

In B2B marketing and sales, it is important to know in which industry your customers operate.

Knowledge of your customer's industry classification can be crucial in customer analysis, market analysis, customer segmentation from a marketing perspective and proper account portfoliomanagent.

There are quite some standardized industry classification systems available, some local, some global, like ISIC, NAICS, NACE, SIC, GICS etc (source: Wikipedia)
Depending on the one you choose of course, you will need to manually maintain the structure at least once in your SAP CRM system.

This can be quite a job if you for instance choose for NAICS (19.745 different classifications).
If you have SAP CRM and SAP ECC, you can double the customization... Sure?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extending Cloud for Customer using the SDK

This week we're doing a follow up of an earlier blog Implementing a change in SAP Cloud for Customer and we want to show another way to enhance the Cloud for Customer system. Besides the options available in the "Key User Tool" (nicely described in Customer onDemand - Part 3) several additional options are offered by the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Cloud for Customer called SAP Cloud Applications Studio. This additional software package is installed on your local (Windows) machine and provides a development environment based on Microsoft Visual Studio.