Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keep your original SAP ECC Account_ID for existing ECC Accounts in SAP Cloud for Customer.

The default integration setup between SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP ECC will result in that all existing ECC Customers receive a new (internal) Account_ID in Cloud for Customer. Also the result of following this SAP Best Practise integration guide: C4C PI Integration Guide

Is this really the standard SAP approach? Yes, unfortunately this is the case.

But, with this small enhancement you are able to keep the original ECC Account_ID in SAP Cloud for Customer.

Business Benefit: This will really help your Sales Reps in accepting your new Cloud For Customer system if they were using SAP ECC before. And knowing some accounts by ID :-)

This was happening before the modification. In the next screenprint you can see that the original SAP ECC ID is 1278697 and the internal C4C Account_ID is 5000002:

In red the different ID's are visible

This will be the result if you follow the modification steps below. You can see that both ID’s are the same. :-)

In green: the ID's are the same

What should be done is:

In HCI or in PI this service ERP_COD_BusinessPartnerERPBulkReplicateRequest should be modified: You need to make an extra mapping for the KUNNR field.

The default mapping is KUNNR --> “Internal ID”
The extra mapping is KUNNR --> “ReceiverInternalID”.
So KUNNR will have a relation to two fields now.

The result from HCI point of view should be look like this: 

HCI mapping. You can see two lines now from field KUNNR

The next step is that ReceiverInternalID​ should get extra leading zero’s in the message, you can handle this in PI or in HCI. Please see this payload screen from C4C.

Part of the payload in C4C with the leading zero's

The last step: The internal ECC numberrange should be used in C4C as an external numberrange.

Numberrange customizing in Cloud For Customer

Now you are finished!

Extra information:
  • This is also applicable for newly created Accounts in ECC.
  • For Accounts created in C4C, both ID fields will differ. This because C4C will determine the internal Account_ID and the external (replication) ECC ID in this case. SAP ECC is following with an numberrange which is marked as External. See here for this diagram: