Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SAP CRM Market Development Funds (MDF)

Market Development Funds (MDF) is a part of the Partner Channel Management scenario in the SAP CRM solution. In this scenario the channel manager (brand owner, for example a consumer electronics company) and the channel partners (resellers or distributors) work together to generate additional customer demand.

There is detailed information on MDF available on However, there is very little documentation available on how the MDF solution looks in the SAP CRM system. This blogs shows the main MDF functionality in the system.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A short(cut) blog!

I wondered whether to write this blog or not. The subject and content has been addressed more then once already on the internet. But still I feel the urge to write this down. A problem that I have with some other blogs on shortcuts is that they contain a long list of shortcuts, where I know most of which keep me from reading. Another problem with shortcuts in my opinion is that everyone knows that they are there, but you hardly ever search for one. Speaking for myself, I can’t remember me searching the internet for a shortcut in SAP/ABAP.
So what happens is that every now and then I’m surprised by a colleague with shortcuts in SAP/ABAP which I didn’t know of. With this blog I want to share some of them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SAP Cloud 4 Customer; is it really a business solution?

With the arrival and fast growth of the SAP Cloud 4 Customer solution, a big change is happening and this is not just solution wise. Consultants, who have been working with different versions of the on premise SAP CRM solution need to adapt to a different style of working and thinking.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Implement an event handler in a CRM webclient search view

As a CRM webclient developer it is very common to implement search views. A user would be able to specify his search criteria and search for relevant objects.
What if you would want to change the behaviour of the screen for instance based on an action in the screen? You might think of a scenario where you want to influence the appearance of the search view based one of the search fields. 
Let’s assume you have a search view where you can specify a centain item type, which is displayed as a dropdown listbox.

Based on the value given, you would like:
  • Other search parameters to appear or disappear
  • Other dropdown listboxes to change their possible values
  • Inform the user with a certain message
In a normal overview page, you could define the event in the P-getter. Unfortunately, the P-getter method in a search view does not allow you to set an event for the dropdown listbox, so you are not able to do such things. But there is an alternative.