Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Excel is king, SAP C4C his queen!

As one of the account managers of Acorel I use SAP Cloud for Customer frequently in my day-to-day work. I keep track of my leads, opportunities, make sure that all customer information is up-to-date and plan my appointments (in combination with MS Outlook). We even have some cool dashboards and reports that give a more aggregated view on e.g. the pipeline. Sounds great hey ;) Ok, ok, I might be a bit biased but I strongly believe C4C is a great tool that makes my sales life easier.

In this blog I would like to point out that some of my favorite features aren't 100% SAP Cloud for Customer… say what?! Yup, it’s the Microsoft Excel plug-in I want to share some information and use-case about. One of my managers in the beginning of my career told me once “Excel is king” and I think a lot of people will still agree; it’s flexible, fast and easy to use for a sales rep like me ;)
Well, if “Excel is king”, I think you will agree with me, after reading this blog, that “C4C is his queen”.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Agile/Scrum in SAP implementation projects

More and more organizations are moving away from waterfall and start using Agile/Scrum. In practice, however, you often hear they are actually ‘scrum-buts’: they tweak the method to their own unique situation and according to some people therefore not using its full potential. I just finished a project where we did full-scrum, so let me share my experience so it can help you in making your own decisions.

Sprint length

Let’s start with the sprint length. The length you choose has a big influence on the whole scrum experience. Usually scrum proponents prefer a shorter one because as a team you learn quicker as there are more frequent retrospectives and more importantly you are forced to work with smaller stories, which contributes to a steeper learning curve and makes it easier and less risky to write and size follow-up stories.

Scrum skeptics usually prefer a longer length because it enables them to work more in a waterfall way and they think it’s more efficient. They feel the overhead of the scrum ceremonies is much larger when the sprint length is short. Although officially this is not true, because their duration depend on the sprint length, in practice this is absolutely my experience. In longer sprints it’s easier to combine stories in one demo which makes both preparation and presentation time shorter. But also grooming and sprint planning takes longer: we lost quite some time in discussions to cut larger stories into smaller pieces and agreeing on the scope of each. The shorter the sprints are, the more often you need to do this.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Using the BOL in BAdIs... Or not?

Developing custom programs from scratch is one thing, creating modifications within SAP CRM is something totally different. Within a system like SAP CRM you need to know how things work, what options you have to achieve a specific goal etc.

In this blog I want to share my experience on working with BOL/GenIL and some of the BAdI's I have implemented, and I hope to get some more insights/tricks from you readers as well. ;-)

If you are not familiar with BAdI's, Check here for more information.

The first problem I ran into was with the following requirement:
"When saving a specific business transaction in the WebClient we want to make sure that field Y is filled".
The first solution for this requirement was created within the configuration making field Y mandatory. After some testing we found out that despite the field being mandatory, when navigating to another view and we clicked the End button the business transaction would still be saved.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Start using the ERP Cockpit in SAP Cloud for Customer

Customers frequently require insight in ECC information like Sales Orders, Deliveries, and Billing Documents etc. directly from SAP Cloud for Customer. SAP C4C provides the following functionalities;
  • ECC Search
  • Account 360 for recent orders
  • ERP Customer Factsheet offers a PDF factsheet without the need for a VPN connection
  • ERP Cockpit
The configuration for the ERP Cockpit is fast and easy and provides a standard Customer Cockpit that can be personalized by the user. Further customization of the ERP Cockpit is also possible, but requires custom coding on the customer cockpit functionality in SAP ECC.

Although the ERP Cockpit can be opened on a tablet, the ERP Cockpit is not optimized for touch navigation. Also a VPN connection is needed to access an ERP system in general. The ERP Cockpit is aimed at the (internal) Sales employee to quickly navigate to customer sales documents from SAP C4C.