Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Integrating one SAP Cloud for Customer system to multiple ECC systems

In this blog, my colleague has described how to integrate from multiple back end systems to one C4C System. That’s clear.

Now what if Accounts should be replicated from C4C to two ECC Systems?

Above scenario is possible with combination of a Custom field on C4C and SDK Enhancement Option implementation(BADI). More info on C4C BADI here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Implementing a BaDI in C4C

When implementing SAP C4C we strive for maximal use of standard processes and limit the amount of custom development. However we do sometimes need to alter the flow just a little bit. Fortunately SAP has given us some enhancement spots for adding our own business logic.
In this blog I will demonstrate the step for implementing a BaDI or Enhancement Spot in C4C for the following use-case. My Customer wishes to change the default recipient of an email from a ticket based on the ticket type. So for customer created tickets this should be the Customer Contact, SAP Standard process, but for more internal tickets (that are customer oriented) the recipient should be the ticket owner.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Creating QR Codes from ABAP

Recently I've been investigating the technical possibilities of generating and using QR codes in an SAP Netweaver (or CRM On Premise) context. I've learned a few useful things along the way, and I would like to share them here.

What are QR codes again?

QR Codes have been around for quite some time and I think almost everbody has seen at least one QR Code in the last few years. A QR code is basically a two-dimensional barcode that can contain a small amount of information, Typically this will be an identifying number, a url or a small amount of text. The meaning of the content depends on who scans it. A typical generic QR Code app on your smartform will probably assume that you are scanning a url and want to visit that url. In other scneario's you might have a coupon that gives you a discount.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trade Promotion Management in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

What exactly is trade promotion management? The term ‘trade’ refers to the relation between manufacturer and retailer, accordingly trade promotion refers to marketing activities taking place between these parties. In fact, trade promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing demand for certain products in retail stores based on incentives such as special pricing, value added bonuses and volume discount.

Trade promotions can offer various benefits to businesses; they can be used to acquire brand awareness, customer loyalty, customer retention and an increased revenue. Furthermore, trade promotions can increase a product’s purchasing figures and enlarge a product’s market segment penetration. Moreover, trade promotions can be used to improve distribution of a company’s products at retailers and strengthen the relationship with those retailers. Finally, one of the benefits of trade promotions is also that they can be utilized to introduce new products into retail stores.

From the 1505 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (from now on: SAP C4C) onwards, Trade Promotion Management is part of the solution. While the functionality in that release merely considered replication of promotions from SAP CRM on premise to SAP C4C, a lot has happened since then. Nowadays it is possible to create and maintain promotions in SAP C4C, which paves the road for promotions related scenarios in SAP C4C only. In this blog I will start with the basic setup, followed by a scenario showing how promotions can be used to support your day-to-day sales activities.