Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Support your SAP Hybris business the way it deserves!

We have all seen that “comfort-zone-where-the-magic-happens-slide” and in my opinion the same applies for CRM related software implementation. The picture would then look more like this;

At Acorel we like magic (some people sometimes even call our consultants magicians) so we definitely want to be there when it happens. If your organization takes SAP Hybris seriously, you want us to be there!!

Why is support so important with SAP Hybris solutions?

Proper support is key for any SAP solution, but for SAP Hybris solutions like SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud there are topics that makes great support even more crucial;
  • Two-speed architecture 
  • Mandatory release cycles
A term often used by McKinsey (Gartner calls it Bimodel IT) to describe the difference speeds of development needed for backend and frontend applications. Where the backend should be stable and does not require frequent adjustments, the frontend (processes closer to the customer) demand frequent and sudden adjustments that need to be implemented ’yesterday’.

That said it is not a surprise that SAP Hybris solutions, as they are directly being used in all customer related activities, deserve and needs high-speed-operating-support. Only then you can meet customer- and business demand within the timeframe they expect.

Mandatory release cycles
With the SAP Hybris solutions that run in the cloud You neither get to choose ‘if’, nor ‘when’ the solution is upgraded to the new release. Both are a fact; you will go and it will happen in the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th month of each year.
In each Release, new functionality is introduced, existing functionality improved and issues resolved. That is great of course, but it also implies two challenges;
  • How do you know which new functionality is relevant for your organization?
  • Who is going to check if everything is still working when a new release is introduced?

A knowledgeable and good organized support department is the answer to both challenges. Only then you are sure that you leverage from newly introduced functionality and making sure that all the “old” is still working as it was designed.

Acorel Remote Services

In 2013 Acorel introduced the Remote Services department, a department with the sole purpose to support our SAP Hybris clients in every way possible and in the required speed, to advise them on release- & roadmap functionalities and to monitor the user adoption within the clients’ organization.

The colleagues at Acorel Remote Services are the ones that operate in the “where the magic happens zone” daily and are often a vital part of the success of the SAP Hybris solutions running at our clients.

If you have a SAP Hybris solution running and would like to know how Acorel Remote Services can help and support you and your organization, please feel free to give me a call at +31(0)614616771, drop me a mail at or hook up with me on LinkedIn.