Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How SAP Sales Cloud helps me with hitting my targets!

A lot of the blogs that we put on here are about the great functionalities that the C/4HANA (previously known as SAP Hybris) suite and its products have to offer, how they work and how they can be configured.

As one of the Account Managers here at Acorel and a heavy SAP Sales Cloud user I just want to share the story on how SAP Sales Cloud is helping me with hitting my personal sales targets and making sure my focus is on the right things at the right time.

It is super simple, but I also see that a lot of organizations are not leveraging these SAP Sales Cloud possibilities. And it has some great side effects as well.

Well here is the trick…


It doesn’t only sound super simple, it is! But sometimes the best ideas are simple 😉

One thing that is very important in this sentence is the word ‘ALL’. You do not only want to display targets that really originate from SAP Sales Cloud, like Lead and Opportunity information. You should make it a complete picture by including other targets, like Soft Skills for example.
In this way the SAP Sales Cloud homepage is the one-stop-shop for every sales person to be able to monitor the status quo and the progress on their sales targets and know what they need to do. It imitates the exact behavior that the Sales Manager wants, because in the end if the Sales Rep hits his target, his manager hits the target as well.

The following picture shows the 6 steps to embed this into your own organizations and who you should talk to, to make it happen.

I mentioned earlier that this set-up had some great side-effects, for us it were these two:
  1. User Adoption: since we now have one place where you can see your sales target progress we all started to work even more with SAP Sales Cloud. We use the Homepage for every sales meeting for example. 
  2. Data quality: the sales target KPI’s on the Homepage represent the information that is stored in SAP Sales Cloud. If that information is not correct it directly reflects on your targets and you don’t want that. Because of this, the data quality on both master- and transactional data has increased enormously!

With the recent acquisition of CallidusCloud, and their Sales Performance Management, I expect that in the near future SAP Sales Cloud will help Account Managers, Sales Reps and Account Executives all over the world even more in hitting their targets!

Happy selling!

p.s. I would have loved to include a screenshot of our own Homepage, but it includes information I just do not want to share with the internet if you know what I mean...