Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Routing of escalated service tickets

When an agent creates a service ticket or service process which is supposed to be picked up by another department, SAP CRM supplies an escalation process. This means that SAP can determine which agent or group is supposed to be the next to take a look at the service ticket.
The service ticket escalation process is part of the Rule Policy functionality. Based on several conditions, different agents or groups can be determined to look at the service ticket.
Most common conditions would be that the status must be OPEN, and then per category a different agent or group will be determined. A common process would be as follows:
  • The customer has a question or complaint that cannot be immediately resolved
  • The agent creates a service ticket
  • The agent enters the details. One of the actions is to select the correct categorization.
  • When clicking the escalate button, the system determines the responsible group based on the selected categories.
The service ticket is now assigned to the correct department (for instance the financial department in case of dunning questions). They will pick up the service ticket from the Agent Inbox, and handle the customer's question.

The settings for the escalation routing can be done in het IC_Manager business role under Process Management --> Rule Modeler.

The rules can be implementing Rules in the ORDERROUTING node.