Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Automatically attach the PDF factsheet to activities

In the IMG under Customer Relationship Management-->Transactions-->Settings for Activities-->Attach Fact Sheet to Activities you can set that your PDF factsheet is automatically attached to specified activities that are created.

You can customize per business role for which activity types and in which language the factsheet should be automatically generated and attached.

This functionality is particularly useful if you have for instance Sales Managers visiting customers. If you have implemented the (enhanced) factsheet, implemented the automatic attachment on the visit activity and implemented groupware integration, the Sales Managers will have the factsheet in the appointment in their outlook. When preparing for the meeting, they will now have an offline overview of the customer data.

Note that when saving the activity, this will from now on also include building the customer factsheet. To users, it will seem as if the system is slow if the data retrieval for the factsheet takes a long time.