Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PDF Factsheet enhancements

Getting from this... To this...

If the standard fact sheet does not meet up to the business requirements for a factsheet, you can choose to create a copy of the standard and alter it in transaction smartforms.

After you have made the changes you can assign the newly created PDF factsheet as described here.

In order to create your own factsheet, go to transaction smartforms and enter smartform CRM_ACC_ACCOUNT_OVERVIEW_PRN in the form field.
Click on the copy button and create your own Z-smartform.

If you assign this Z-smartform to the business role as described here you will be able to create your own version.

Particular changes would be:
  • Changing the smartstyle. You can do some easy enhancements on the look and feel by applying a more readable font.
  • Changing the layout. The standard is not as readable as you might expect. Some information is better off without borders in the table columns.
  • Delete unnecessary columns and add proper information.
  • Add your own coding and thus your own customer-specific information. A logical addition would for instance be (part) of the long text of an activity. You might of course also add information from your ERP system by adding a remote function call in the smartform. Be aware of performance though. If you have SAP retrieve much information, you will very likely have to wait for some time when opening the PDF factsheet.
If you want more information on how to do the programming in the factsheet, feel free to leave a message or contact me directly via twitter @p_rijlaarsdam