Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to extend the standard SAP IMG?

Scenario: Sometimes it can be useful to make your own customer-specific customizing tables. For instance, if you have a business rule that changes once in a while but does not exist in the SAP standard customizing tables. To group your own customizing tables together it is possible to extend the standard SAP IMG.

1.    Create your own customizing table
The data for your customizing view is maintained in a custom build table. To create such a table execute the following steps:

Go to transaction SE11, fill in a database table name and click on ‘Create’

Fill in all the fields you require for your customizing by clicking on the ‘Fields’-tab. Mark at least one entry as a key.

Maintain the technical details of the table by using the menu option Goto --> Technical settings. You will be asked to assign a package.

Activate and save. Further references about how to create a table can be found on

2.    Create a maintenance view
To be able to save data to your newly create customizing table, a maintenance view need to be created.
Go to transaction SE11, fill in the name of the new maintenance view (eg. ZMAINTVIEW) and click on ‘Create’. Choose ‘Maintenance view’ in the dialog that appears.
Fill in your newly created customizing table.
Specify which fields you want to use to maintain by clicking the tab ‘View Flds’. The key field is always prefilled in.

Activate the view  and go to the menu-option Utilities --> Table Maintenance Generator. 

Specify a function group. If this does not exist yet, create this in SE80. Choose ‘Propose screen number(s)’ in the next dialog screen.

Click on the ‘Create’ button and assign a package. You now have a customizing table that can be maintained with data.

Further references about how to make a maintenance view go to

3.    Extend the standard SAP IMG
Now you have to place your newly created view at the right spot in the IMG to make sure it is accessible via the SPRO --> IMG
Go to transaction S_IMG_EXTENSION
Find the structure you want to change by pressing F4 on ‘IMG structure’
Click on the field Enhancement ID and press F4. You have to create a new Enhancement ID by pressing the 'New' button. This makes sure all enhancements can be grouped together.

Give the EnhancementID a useful name and description.
After filling in the package and transport request you will return in the ‘Edit IMG structure’ screen. Click on ‘Enhance Structure’. Now, go to the level you want to insert your customizing entry by using

Click on the button Activity to add your entry to the level you specified. Now you can specify which objects you want to add to the IMG. Go to the Maint. Objects tab and fill in the view you created earlier.
(optional) If you would like to add documentation to your customizing object, the tab Documentation provides the necessary option to obtain this.

Save your work. You will now be able to create your own customizing entries via the IMG.