Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creating direct links to specific transaction types

When you create a direct link (visible via a direct link group) to create an activity, you can choose to either show a popup to select the activity type, or with some simple customizing specify the transaction type in the direct link.

Direct link with popup
This picture shows the customizing of creating a Business Activity with the category ‘appointment’. This customizing will result in a pop-up, where you can choose the specific transaction type.

This results in a link as shown.
The pop-up will contain all business activities with category 'appointment' the user is authorized for.

Direct link with a specified transaction type
To avoid the pop-up you can add some parameters for creating a specific transaction. In the field ‘Parameter’ you specify the transaction type (Z040 for example). In the field ‘Paramater Class’ you enter CL_CRM_UIU_BT_PARAM_CREATE’. This will result in creation of a Z040 transaction directly.
A new direct link will look as follows, and will result in the visit business activity to be created directly.

It's as easy as that.