Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to install SSO between CRM and BW

Within the SAP CRM WEB UI you are able to create direct links to BW reports with are running on a separate BI system. Normally a direct url link is made to access these BW reports, which can be a Query or Web Template. To avoid to logon to the BI system at the moment you access the BW reports, you can create an SSO (Single Sign On) connection between the CRM and BW systems. A prerequisite to this SSO is that the user names on the CRM and BW system are the same, it is not necessary that the passwords are the same.

Step 1:  Check Certificate

On the CRM system , Transaction STRUST.

Click on the arrow left on “System PSE”, if there is a green bullet then you can goto step 2. Step 1a: re-Create Certificate If there is no green bullet you have to create a certificate. By RMB (Right Mouse Button) on “System PSE” you can create a new certificate.

Click on “Create”

Click on “Check”

Step 2: Export Certificate

Before export:

Check if the is a correct certificate. Double Click on the text behind “Owner”. The full certificate is displayed in the “Certificate” screen. Important is that a checksum is filled in. If there is no ckecksum, please goto step 1a.

Export Certificate:

In the menu-bar, select Certificate --> Export

Now you should fill in a file name to save the certificate itself.

Use file extension .cer

Step 3: Import Certificate into BI Java

Now import the exported “CRM Certificate” via the SSO2 Wizard in the BI Java Engine.

Access via : http://<bi-java-engine>:50000/sso2

Click on “Add Trusted System” .

Please use the “CRM Certificate” file to upload this into the BI Java SSO Wizard,and check afterwards if the “Certificate Validity” is OK.

No reboot is needed…

And now you have to check of it works…

If not...
SAP Note 1257108 - Collective Note: Analyzing issues with Single Sign On (SSO)