Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Overview pages in Tile Layout

As of enhancement pack 1, it is possible to show overview pages in a tile layout.
This is completely customizable, no custom coding is required.

Basically, we go from here…

To here...

in less than 5 minutes.

Customizing in SPRO

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide --> Customer Relationship Management --> UI Framework --> UI Framework Definition --> Register Overview Pages for Tile Layout

Here, you can add the BSP application and Overview Page that you want the tile layout activated for.

Until now, no changes will be noticed by the user. This action only allows you to customize the tile layout in the overview page. To do so, we go to the page configuration in the Webclient.

In the page that we have just added in SPRO, a button ‘Switch to Tile layout’ is now visible in the page configurator.

Customizing the overview page

Clicking this button will allow you to select the required layout.

After this, you can drag & drop the required assignment blocks to the tiles.

And check the result!