Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CTI (Open CTI and BCM) integration with SAP Cloud for Service

As you might have read in our former blog about SAP BCM and SAP CRM there are many benefits for your business with SAP BCM.

Besides SAP CRM, SAP BCM can also connect with SAP Cloud for Service. The SAP Service Cloud variant. This integration is completely standard, via a generic adapter. This adapter can also connect with Avaya and Cisco; (non-SAP products).

  • Push real-time screen pops of phone-calls and digital inquiries (like chats, e-mails, webtickets, social media) to agents based on skill and availability.
  • Capture agent activity automatically.
  • Integration with BCM and Open CTI APIs to integrate with other 3rd party CTI providers.
  • Reduce time to handle customer inquiries by automating commonly used CRM processes.
  • Accurately measure agent productivity.
  • Flexible deployment options.
How does the CTI integration look like: In the right bar you can see a new menu bar item “Live Activity”. This side pane will be filled automatically with the related call information like:

Call from = phone-number
Customer = a direct clickable link to the customer
Number dialed = the number the customer called
Received = date & time of receiving the call

As an End-User, you can see a right side pane that:
  • Refreshes its data in real-time as data is pushed from CTI.
  • You can hover over the info to get more information in a quick preview screen
  • Display ticket info.
  • Display the phone activity that was automatically created from CTI push. Phone activity data will include DNIS, ANI, call attached data, and a CTI GUID for workforce management reporting. 
  • Associate the CTI phone activity to an existing ticket. 
  • Create a ticket from the phone activity.
  • Create a customer if one is not found.
As an Administrator you can adapt which customer, ticket and phone activity data is shown in the side pane.

Technical overview:

SAP will only be delivering the last two pieces, the local HTTP server and the side pane in the SAP Cloud for Service application. The CTI desktop client would be provided by vendors like Avaya/Cisco or SAP BCM.

Enabling the Live Activity pane during an already productive system:
To enable the live activity pane, you need to enable two scoping questions and also assign the phone activity view.

Go to Business Configuration > implementation projects 
And choose 'new change project' in case you are already live with the system (otherwise you simple adjust your existing project).
Select 'next' and go to 'Adjust Scoping'

Go to Sales > Account and Activity management and ensure that Activity Management is enabled
Go to Service and ensure that Customer Care is enabled.

Select 'next' and go to 'Review questions'
Expand 'Service' > 'Customer Care' and select 'Service Request Management' and ensure that in 'Support Computer Telephony Integration' that 'Do you want to support Computer Telephony Integration' is scoped.

Fill in the necessary project change information and confirm in the last screen.
Your last action is: Assign your employees the Phone Calls view of Activities.  Go to > Assign and Edit Access Rights under 'Application Management'.



Your result! Live Activity pane available and ready for use.