Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SEPA is coming ... part 2

In our blog 'SEPA is Coming….' we shared some of our experiences while implementing SEPA in SAP CRM.

When we released our first SEPA blog, some functionality was still under development by SAP. A lot has happened since then and we would like to give you a SEPA CRM update.


In the first SEPA blog we covered the functionality of the 'IBAN ONLY' switch, which enables the option to store an IBAN without entering a bank account (BBAN). At that moment the IBAN ONLY option was only supported in the integration scenario CRM Business partner -> ECC Business partner. In the scenario CRM BP -> ECC customer the IBAN was not replicated to ECC.

Meanwhile the SAP development team has developed a change in the interface mapping for IBAN replication in CRM BP -> ECC. The solution is available by implementing a couple of OSS notes in ECC and CRM.

Activities in SAP ECC

Depending on the ECC version you will need to implement some OSS notes:
Note 1833187 - Interface Note: SEPA mandates for customers (ERP)’. The header description of the note is a bit misleading since it only mentions SEPA mandates, but the note also contains a change in the interface mapping for IBAN replication.
Note 1872252 - Support of IBAN only scenario in data exchange

Activities in SAP CRM

Following note needs to be implemented in your CRM system:
Note 1659784 - BP DX:Bank data gets updated wrongly Customer->BP exchange.

Mandates in SAP CRM

In our previous SEPA blog we only briefly mentioned the option of maintaining mandates in CRM and the replication of mandates between ECC to CRM.

SAP has released a new note that describes the mandate functionality in CRM, Note  1828238 - SEPA in SAP CRM.

This note gives a good overview of possibilities and required customizing for:
  • Entry of SEPA mandates in SAP CRM
  • Use of SEPA mandates in CRM business transactions

SEPA-Relevant changes in SAP CRM customizing

Customizing of Payment Methods
In the Customizing activity 'Define Payment Methods' you will find a new checkbox ‘Mandate Req.’
Customizing of payment method data maintained in SAP ERP can be loaded to SAP CRM by means of the initial download (R3AS).

Customizing of Terms of Payment
The Customizing activity 'Define Terms of Payment' is extended with a new checkbox PayMeth. (= Payment Method).

Customizing of terms of payment maintained in SAP ERP can be loaded to SAP CRM by means of the initial download (R3AS).

The described functionality is part of business function CRM_SEPA_1 and is available for following CRM versions:
  • CRM 7.03 (SAP_ABA, SP02) and higher
  • CRM 7.02, SP08 (NW 731, SP08) and higher
  • CRM 7.01, SP11 (NW 702, SP14) and higher

Also checkout the following OSS notes for the replication of mandates between ECC and CRM:
Note 1887572 - SEPA mandates: ALE distribution - tips & tricks
Note 1837552 - SEPA mandates: ALE distribution
Note 1749231 - SEPA mandate: Basis for CRM/BP integration
Note 1845440 - SEPA composite SAP Note: Mandate and IBAN