Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Social Media solutions by SAP: What is out there?

A couple of weeks ago one of our good friends at SAP, Maxim van Schijndel, wrote a blog on their website about the impact of social media on the contacts that organizations have with their customers. For the non-Dutchies, sorry his blog is in Dutch, but maybe Google Translate can make something out of it ;-)

In that same blog Maxim also mentioned some of the solutions SAP offers regarding Social Media, and they have a couple of those! And the number of solutions triggered me to think about the question “when do you choose which solution”. Let’s be honest, sometimes it is easier to choose between 1 option instead of 5 ;-)

First of all a small recap of the Social Media solutions SAP is currently offering:
  • SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase
  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement
  • SAP Social Contact Intelligence
  • Social Media Dashboard (a consulting package)
  • Social Media Interaction Center
I’m going to try to explain the solutions mentioned above in one sentence (knowing myself, I will probably fail)

SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase

This cloud tool is more focused on big data and the analysis of this big social media data. It is possible to analyze on your company name, brand names, your social media marketing campaigns etc. and generate all kinds of reports on this to share or present to others.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Again a cloud solution that can collect all kinds of social media data like Facebook and Twitter, detect sentiments and give the user the opportunity to engage with your Facebook likers and Twitter followers directly from the SAP Cloud for Social Engagement solution. It can build up the complete social media interaction history for particular customers, prospects or influencers and based on this information give you a good detailed overview who your biggest advocates or influencers are.

SAP Social Contact Intelligence

First of all this solution is part of a bigger SAP solution ‘SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence (powered by HANA)’. With SAP Social Contact Intelligence you are able to incorporate social sentiment analysis directly into your marketing campaigns to identify and target prospects and influencers. Besides that your sales and service department can get deeper insights into your customers and your products and be able to identify advocates and influencers of your organization and or products/services.

Social Media Dashboard (a consulting package)

This is a consulting package from SAP which is an add-on to your SAP CRM on-premise solution. With this dashboard you are able to listen to tweets and Facebook posts, so they are loaded into your system based on defined keywords and sentiments (red, yellow, green) are given to these posts. In combination with SAP BO the sentiment analysis can be done in depth but without SAP BO it is possible as well. It is also possible to interact via this dashboard with your followers on Twitter and Facebook directly from the CRM tool and create a service ticket in SAP CRM for example.

Social Media Interaction Center

This is a new feature of SAP CRM EhP3 (available as we speak) and basically does the same as the Social Media Dashboard. The big difference is that EhP3 comes for “free” and for the consulting package you have to pay.

OK, ok, all and all good info (I hope), but my question is still not answered. And this is the point where Neo comes in…”blue pill or red pill?”