Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There’s more than just the F2 in the WebUI..

Every SAP CRM consultant knows what’s behind the F2-button when using the WebUI. For every one else: it triggers the launch of a popup with all technical information about the current layout at runtime.

This is very useful information which can be used to determine which components are used and (current) configurations that are called. However, more shortcuts are available in the WebUI that are not so familiar. Today’s blog lists them all out.

To know which shortcuts can be used in the WebUI, you have to use your complete left hand. It takes four fingers to push the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F2 (Beware of not injuring yourself, it’s almost impossible to do one-handed). This will give you all the options you have:

Shortcuts available in SAP CRM WebUI

F2 : Technical data

Technical information about components

For anyone doing configuration in SAP CRM, all the information in the red box is useful….;-)

F2 + ALT : Conditional breakpoints

Conditional breakpoints

For more information about how / why to set these type of breakpoints go to Pieter's blog

F7 + CTRL + SHIFT: Performance tracker

This little helper is very useful if you want to see what impact an action executed in the WebUI has on the performance. ‘Create Memory Snapshot’ has the same functionality as a memory snapshot in S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR. ‘Start Backend Runtime Analysis’ creates a runtime trace that can be read via transaction SAT.

F2 + ALT + CTRL: System information

In the good old days, this information was only visible from the SapGui by clicking System Status, so you can save yourself time by using this shortcut directly in the WebUI. It’s very useful when searching for OSS-notes.

F2 + ALT + SHIFT: View Hierarchy

This a nice popup to see how the views and components are linked together in a hierarchy. You can double click to see the properties per component, without going to the SapGUI and into BSP_WD_CMPWB