Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SEPA: Are you ready...?

February 2014.... are you ready..? What has happened since our latest SEPA update?

We have all worked hard to meet the SEPA deadline of February 1st 2014 but recent statistics show that a substantial number of market participants and particularly SMEs were not able to fully migrate to the new SEPA standard on time.

Last month the European Commission proposed a transitional period of 6 months during which banks and other payment service providers would be able to continue processing payment orders even if users did not provide them in the SEPA format. The objective is to ensure payments are not blocked in cases where stakeholders are not ready.

This proposal was accepted by the European Parliament on February 4th. That allows non SEPA compliant payments to continue for a limited period of time, until August 1st 2014. Formal adoption in the Council will probably take place in the coming days.


In the area of CRM we see that SAP has worked hard, most bugs are fixed and the SEPA functionality has stabilized. SAP has released some OSS notes with improvements and introduced some new functionality for Mandates in the CRM solution for Utilities.

So whats new......

Account search on IBAN

SAP has recently released an OSS note that will improve the performance of the account search on IBAN. 

SAP Note 1973830 - Account search on IBAN together with XDELE gives timeout

NOTE: Be careful when you are on CRM version 7.01. This OSS note has the unwanted side effect that your account search on address may become slower. SAP is currently working on a solution. For CRM versions 7.02 and higher this issue was solved in OSS note 1304891.


In our first SEPA blog ‘SEPA is coming …’ we described the ‘IBAN Only’ option to handle IBAN without entering a Bank Account number.

SAP has released an additional note for the WEB UI to automatically default the field "Account Number Unknown" when creating new bank details to prevent the generation of the bank account from the IBAN.

SAP Note 1865849 - WebUI: Generation of bank details in IBAN-only mode

Mandates in the contract/quotation process for Utilities

In the Utilities contract/quotation process, you can create Mandates for precisely one contract item only when using the business agreement. With the following OSS notes you get the option to create Mandates for a bank/card and you can also display the Mandates using the action menu for a selected bank of the business agreement:

SAP Note 1959316 - CRM B2C utility single item: in the contract/quotation process, mandates can be created only using the business agreement

SAP Note 1966363 - CRM B2C utilities multiple items: Creating mandates in contract creation

Also following mandate related OSS notes can be usefull:

SAP Note 1969181 - CRM SEPA BuAg: Enable mandate creation in B2B using business agreement

SAP Note 1865401 - SEPA in business agreement: Check of validity date