Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Omni-commerce with Hybris: the future of online and offline shopping

Today’s blog is about the future of e-commerce.

It’s Saturday morning, May 16th, 2017. Janet is shopping in a mall and receives a text message on her smartphone. It’s a personal reminder of her favorite fashion store. The dress she recently looked at on her notebook now has a discount! She is close and visits the store.

This example sounds as something for the future, but experts agree that it won’t take long before this will be very common. The boundaries between on and offline purchases fade. Businesses are searching for new models to sell. Even supermarkets sell groceries online. And look at some fashion stores that use tablets in the stores to immediately order garments that are not in stock. And online web shops open physical stores to increase sale and interaction with their customers.

We are all seeking. What’s good and what’s bad? What is for example the future of online chat with service agents? Or is chat with artificial intelligence more effective? And do consumers request to have the goods delivered or prefer an in-store pick-up?

Customer intelligence is invaluable

It’s difficult to predict these innovations. But one thing is certain: the customer expects a simple web shop that makes online shopping as easy and fun as a store visit.

Therefore e-commerce must focus on the experience. The online shopping experience makes the difference. Being able to pay easily, excellent product information, detailed visuals, and user-generated content like product reviews. This makes a web shop unique.

Moreover customer intelligence is invaluable. A business that is ignorant of what is said about his products and services on Facebook and Twitter lacks a fantastic source of feedback. Customers expect that the image they have of you is in-line with reality. That means that your sales employees in the store, your service employees of the web shop, and the employees that respond to email and social media all have access to the same customer and product information.


Smart sales people make sure that buying experiences smoothly overlap. That’s omni-commerce: the powerful combination of on and offline shopping. Are these trousers not available in your size? Than they are delivered with one click at home or via an in-store pick-up.

The same trends are valid for business-to-business. A well thought customer experience is essential for successful online ordering. The experience we have as a consumer, generate the same expectations with online ordering in business-to-business.

You can imagine that the right IT tools are required to create an optimal customer experience. The abundant amount of data you are dealing with daily, require a reliable solution. Especially when this data is accessible any time and on any device. With the leading SAP Hybris platform SAP delivers the future of commerce. Today.