Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution V6.703

Over the past few years SAP frequently released new versions of SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment Solution SAP CRM” from September 28, 2011 we discussed the methodology of RDS. Since then a lot of new RDS solutions and new versions (new features) where released.
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The latest RDS solution of SAP CRM is V6.703 and has been released on the 28-04-2014. In this blog I will highlight some new features/functionalities that is added by SAP.

In this new version, SAP added some new HANA specific features, such as the Duplicate check and Fuzzy Search based on HANA. Also the Interactive Reporting within CRM is based on SAP HANA.

What else is new?

In the previous versions of SAP CRM RDS outlook integration was never in scope. In this new version the functionality is in scope. Desktop Connection for SAP CRM can be used out-of-the-box and enables you to synchronize appointments, employees, contacts, and accounts between Microsoft Outlook and SAP CRM so that you can access all relevant data that has been created in SAP CRM from Microsoft Outlook.

Interaction Center Marketing

SAP also added the functionality Interaction Center Marketing to the new version of SAP CRM RDS. With IC marketing, agents can handle inbound and outbound phone calls with customers. An agent can process a call list for outbound phone calls to selected customers. During the conversation, the agent is guided by an interactive script, and creates a new lead and pre-qualifies it.


Beside the new added functionalities to SAP CRM RDS, SAP also decided to remove some functionality. Knowledge Articles have been removed and is no longer in scope of the SAP CRM RDS. This functionality is now part of scope item Interaction Center Service Request Management with Knowledge Articles, which is part of the SAP CRM Service Management RDS.

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