Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Service & Repair? Yes, also available in the Cloud.

We know that SAP Cloud for Customer is already supporting retail execution. The business scenario where Sales Reps visiting retail stores is end-to-end supported and also completely mobile enabled. Read more about the retail execution functionality here.
What a lot of people don’t know, is that SAP Cloud for Customer also offers a full process support of the Service & Repair scenario. Yes that process which can take weeks to implement in SAP CRM on-Premise. I will show a clear step-by-step description of the process in SAP Cloud for Customer in this blog.

The business process shown in this blog:
  • Service tickets
  • Register "work" as service item on the service ticket
  • Assign work to an service agent
  • The service agent will pick up the work on his mobile device
  • Plan a route
  • Register work hours on the service item
  • Add repair parts
  • Complete his work
  • Look at the reports

Let's start:

On this screen we can see an open service ticket. This ticket was created via an incoming e-mail.
The description of the ticket is: Unit making loud noise. So we can expect that a service engineer should fix something :-)
Further, what we see here more:
  • Header information, like status, employee responsible, team, priority and the important date rules
  • Customer information
  • Interaction with the customer related tot his ticket. If you use Twitter as a service channel those interactions are also visible here
  • Timelines. You can define your own date scheme
  • Product information
  • Categories
  • Integration with a solution database



We go to tab Service and Repair.
Here we can see the service location and we assign a service engineer. Let's do that.

We assign Juliane Beyer (user: serviceagent01) to this ticket as a service engineer.

Juliane is on her way. And sees a new ticket on her name.
Let's start using the iPad.

The new service ticket (work ticket) is visible on the view Service and Repair.

Via the button on the top right corner it is possible to make an annotation on the screen, and mail it for example. You can do this kind of annotations on more views within the iPad app.

Juliane received an answer of the customer and already arrived at the customer.
Here she is opening the service ticket on her ipad.

She goes immediately to the tab Service and Parts.
Here the service item is visible and she will start her work time for this customer for this repair.

Select item and Start Work

The work progress has been started.

Juliane found the cause and need to use a repair part. For sure we need to register that part as well in the system.

She will leave a repair note. (all service engineers do that :-)

She will finish her work and set the work satis on completed.

On the Involved Parties tab. You can see all SAP ECC stakeholders for this customer.

Now. The initial service ticket has been completed.. see the queue status below. But more important .....

The ECC Sales Order has been created!
You know that a Sales Order is in good hands in ECC.