Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Documenting your Custom Code

There is always some discussion on how far you want to go in documenting your custom abap code.
For me it makes no sense to spend much time in actually copying code to MS Word documents. Documentation should explain the overall working of an enhancement. The code itself should contain enough explanation for fellow programmers to understand the process. But it still can be very usefull to have your code easily downloaded and back-upped for multiple reasons.
I found the following program online from a friend of mine and found it very useful, so i did not want to keep it from all our followers.

The program mentioned can download all custom code based on several selections, personally i use the selection on abap packages the most. The program will download all enhancements in the package and sort then nicely into folders as you can see in above screenshot.
By making actual code documentation this simple, it makes sense to download it for instance every major release.

How to install the program

1: Create a report with transaction SE38 or SE80 without a top include.
2: Insert the code you can find referenced blog, and activate it.
3: The program can now be executed, you will get the selection screen shown below.

Reference to original blog.

The program is created bij Robin Vleeschhouwer and can be downloaded on this blog SCN blog.