Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We have SAP CRM on premise, we want SAP Cloud for Customer!

A statement we hear more often from our customers. And it is a fair statement if you ask me.

A bit of background
SAP CRM has been around for more than 10 years and there is a large number of customers who have implemented and are using this solution successfully. In 2011 SAP introduced Sales OnDemand which was basically the CRM cloud solution from SAP to support the sales processes.
And since that introduction it went fast and I mean really fast! Sales OnDemand became SAP Cloud for Sales, SAP Cloud for Service was introduced not much later and in the latest release SAP Cloud for Marketing was added to the Cloud CRM suite called SAP Cloud for Customer. For the more visual readers, it looks like:

In my opinion this is only the beginning. Every quarter SAP is adding new functionality to SAP Cloud for Customer making it the CRM solution of the future. And no, I do not think that SAP will suddenly pull the plug out of SAP CRM on premise, but I do think that in the end all organizations, who are using SAP CRM now, will be moving to the cloud eventually.

The challenge these organizations are facing is, when do we move to SAP Cloud for Customer and how?!

Migrating to SAP Cloud for Customer
At Acorel we have a specialized Cloud Team and this team, with both SAP CRM and SAP Cloud for Customer experts, have designed an approach to help organizations in answering the above when and how question.

This approach consist out of the following 12 topics:

Each topic will be discussed with the client, where we share our best practice experiences at other clients and use questionnaires to accelerate the process. The outcome of these sessions and questionnaires will result in the best suitable project plan or roadmap for this specific client to migrate form SAP CRM to SAP Cloud for Customer.

So, are you ready to move to the Cloud?