Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A short(cut) blog!

I wondered whether to write this blog or not. The subject and content has been addressed more then once already on the internet. But still I feel the urge to write this down. A problem that I have with some other blogs on shortcuts is that they contain a long list of shortcuts, where I know most of which keep me from reading. Another problem with shortcuts in my opinion is that everyone knows that they are there, but you hardly ever search for one. Speaking for myself, I can’t remember me searching the internet for a shortcut in SAP/ABAP.
So what happens is that every now and then I’m surprised by a colleague with shortcuts in SAP/ABAP which I didn’t know of. With this blog I want to share some of them.

Duplicate rows (CTRL + D)
This is one of the most recent discoveries of shortcuts. Just put your cursor on a line in the ABAP editor and press CTRL + D, and duplicate the row.

Vertical text selection (ALT + selection)
This feature comes in quite handy for several actions, I use it to outline code and selecting parts of code.


Delete line (CTRL + SHIFT + L)
Ofcourse this speaks, as almost every shortcut, for itself. This will delete the whole line where the cursor is placed.

Jump to control field (CTRL + /)
This shortcut will jump the cursor back to the control field (the field where you type your transactions).

Please feel free to add your most used shortcuts in the comments.