Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SAP Cloud for Customer: Changes Ahead!

This week’s blog is about SAP Cloud for Customer.

After a Go-Live sometimes you already receive requests to make changes in the system. Usually when the business is really working with the solution, they notice that in practice some things are working slightly different. To make a change in an SAP Cloud for Customer solution is somewhat different then I’m used to in an on-premise SAP system.

So how do you make changes in a SAP Cloud for Customer solution? Do I make changes is a test system and transport these to the production system? Is it the same method like an on-premise SAP system (STMS)? How do you make these changes?

Change has come.....

Basically there are two kinds of changes that an Administrator can perform;
  1. Small changes: Configuration that can be changed immediately in the system without creating and implementing a change project.
  2. Complex changes: Configuration that is too complex or critical to be changed immediately.
In this weeks blog I will focus on the small changes. After a solution has gone live, administrators can search for specific configuration elements to change or add to the scope. If the configuration is not too complex or critical, it can be changed immediately on the production system.
An example of such a change would be creating new or changing existing values for the category of an opportunity. These small changes are basically your fine-tune activities, that you performed in your first implementation project.

1. Go to your Overview view of the Business Configuration work center and search for business configuration elements to change or add to the scope.

2. In the Show list, select the configuration type Activities.
3. Click Go
4. Select the activity that you would like to change. If an immediate change is possible, you can click Change Immediately (column Change). 

5. In the configuration view you can edit the associated configuration settings, for example 'Categories'.
6. To save your changes and immediately apply your changes in the production system, click Save and Close. To close the activity without applying your changes, click Close.

If the configuration elements cannot be changed immediately or you want to make a larger number of small changes and prefer to create a change project, you can select the elements you want to add to your scope and add them to a shortlist. In my next blog I will tell you more about how to make these changes with a Change Project.