Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SAP CRM Market Development Funds (MDF) with SD integration

In a previous blog I wrote about the SAP CRM Market Development Funds (MDF) functionality and how the MDF solution actually looks in the system. The MDF solution enables the brand owner to better manage the administration, distribution and consumption of funds for resellers. In the standard MDF solution the settlement (billing) document is generated in CRM with CRM billing (CRM-BE) and transferred from there to Accounting FI-AP.

In this blog I will explain the settings to be made to transfer the CRM settlement document not to Accounting but instead to an SD billing document in SAP ERP (SD-BIL). From there they can be further processed to Financial Accounting.


This integration option can be very useful if you are already using SD Billing for other purposes. By re-using your existing SD Billing functionality for MDF claim settlements you can leverage the following functionality:

  • Taxation of claims, invoice claims, deduction claims, and settlements, with tax account determination in SAP ERP. 
  • Output (in printed or electronic form) of settlement documents according to local legal requirements. 
  • Document numbering according to local legal requirements. 
  • Integration into accounting, particularly for the determination of financial accounts and profitability analysis segments in controlling. 
  • Text determination 
  • Integration with BI


To support this integration scenario you have to activate business function Claims and Funds Management (CRM_CF_1) in CRM and business function ERP Integration with Claims and Funds Management (ERP_CF_INTEGRATION_1) in ERP, available as of SAP ERP 6.0 Ehp5.


In the CRM customizing for configuring the Billing Application you have to activate the additional feature ‘Integration to SD Billing’.

You also have to create a Billing type and set the Integration type to A ‘Integration to SD Billing’ and specify the SD sales document type that should be created in ECC.
Then you have to create an Item category, assign it to the new Billing type and specify the SD item category.
The pricing procedure in ECC should match the pricing procedure in CRM or you have to manipulate the pricing in a BAdI.

You can use BAdI BEA_CRMB_SDB_IF ‘Mapping of Claim Settlement Documents to SD Billing Documents’ in CRM Billing (CRM-BE) to enhance or change the default mapping of settlement document data to billing document data in Billing (SD-BIL). The BAdI definition is called when settlement document data is transferred to accounting. At this point in processing, settlement documents are mapped to the BAPI structures that are used to exchange data between SAP CRM and Billing (SD-BIL). In SAP ERP, data is processed in the function module GN_INVOICE_CREATE.

Once the settlement document is transferred to SD and the SD billing document and FI Accounting document have been created these follow-up transactions can be displayed from the CRM Settlement document.