Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SAP Digital for Customer Engagement

SAP launched an interesting new CRM cloud solution named SAP Digital for Customer Engagement (SAP D4C). In essence SAP D4C is the stand-alone entry-level version of the known SAP Cloud for Customer. Like SAP C4C it offers support for sales, service and marketing processes. SAP D4C focuses on smaller teams and departments who want to make a quick start in the field of customer engagement without any form of integration.

Starting with SAP D4C is simple; all it takes is a credit card and a connection to the Internet. The necessary licenses can be purchased through the SAP store ( The licenses cost €23, - per user per month, no minimum number of users required. There is also an option to choose for a free trial, with this trial version it is possible to try SAP D4C for free for 30 days.

It goes without saying that Acorel already tried SAP D4C and we would like to share our findings.

The conformation email is received short after registering at the SAP store. This email contains credentials and the hyperlink to access SAP D4C. An introduction video will be started after first login followed by a guided help covering the most relevant features of SAP D4C.

The first important step is to scope the project. The core functions of SAP D4C can be turned off or on via the settings by a user with administrative rights. Some function “flavors” are pre-defined (i.e. All, Sales, Service and Industry) but it is also possible to customize the system by choosing various functions and create a custom scope. Further configuration within a core function is not possible.

In addition to scoping there is also the option to import customer data via the settings. With this option it is possible to load customer data from external sources even though SAP D4C is stand-alone without the possibility to integrate with other (SAP) systems.

The familiar Outlook integration and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android for SAP Cloud for Customer are also by default available in SAP D4C. The “downloads” tab in the settings screen shows the links to these tools.

In addition to above options there is also the option to manage the business data and the users, review data usage and maintain the email channels. If we look at the user screens we can see the resemblance of the screens used in SAP Cloud for Customer. The menu, quick create icons, search options etc. are essentially setup the same way.

If we look at the screens of an account, a contact, an opportunity or any other core functionality activated the similar user experience is again visible.

The analytical part is also represented in SAP D4C. Sales oriented dashboards can report the operational results.

We can conclude that SAP D4C is a complete CRM solution with a similar user experience as SAP Cloud for Customer. Of course there are consciously chosen limitations compared to SAP Cloud for Customer with not being able to integrate with other (SAP) systems as the main point. In the second part of the blog we will highlight more of the functionally differences between SAP D4C and SAP Cloud for Customer. In this blog we will explain how SAP D4C can be the first step to a complete SAP Cloud for Customer implementation.

 Curious? We sincerely recommend applying for the free trial at (!