Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to report on SAP C4C Survey Result

This blog will explain how you can create your own reports in SAP C4C based on given survey answers. Using this report you can analyze all given answers.

SAP C4C support the use of surveys. This blog will not explain all the different types of surveys and how to build a survey, but only focus how to build a report on the survey results.

Surveys can be used to register answers on predefined questions and can be used in leads, opportunities and visits. In this example we will focus on the survey results for visits.

Survey Results from the Survey

In SAP C4C release 1502 a new functionality is introduced called survey results. This functionality supports display and exporting of survey result in MsExcel. The results can be access from the survey menu as demonstrated in the next printscreens. Select export to create the MsExcel file

Survey result from the survey Menu

Export from survey results

The results however cannot be used for reporting in SAP C4C, mainly because the export does not include account and product numbers only descriptions.

SAP has created three datasources to analyze the survey results. Based on the description you expect the answers to be available in these datasources. This is correct, but the answers is will not be visible directly.

Datasources to analyze survey results

Survey Results Report

First step to be able to report on the survey results is setting up the survey using question categories and answers categories. For each question and answer a different question category and answer category must be defined. As from release 1508 it is now possible to maintain short descriptions for the question and answers. This is very useful when building reports.

In case the question is of type quantity or price only the question category is needed, but feel free to also define an answer category. For the multiple choice question define an answer category for each answer.

Example amount question setup

Example multiple choice question setup

Second step is to build a datasource which consist of the 'visit survey answer' datasource and additional datasources you need for reporting. In our example we have added datasources 'Visit survey answers', 'Employee master data', 'Account details' and 'Product master data'.

To report on the answers you need to include the characteristics 'question category' and 'answer category' from the datasource 'visit survey answers' and also the keyfigure 'amount' and 'quantity'!

Example datasource including visit survey answers
Last step is to build the report and make use of the question and answer categories. First create the report based on your datasource. Make sure that amount and quantity are listed as key figures.

Now when you run the report all answers are accumulated by SAP, because the datasource does not support an answer field for each question. The report will look like this:
Standard output for visit survey answers
Now we use the trick to show the individual answers for each question. Add the question and answer category to the column ! The system will now split the accumulated amount and quantity fields based on the different categories. As a result each answer is visible now.

To complete the report you can remove the empty columns in the report using following setting (make sure you remove the 'apply suppression to key figure group')
Remove empty columns

Now the report will show all individual answers for your own questions! Good luck with building your own report on the survey results.

The final report