Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hot stuff : SAP Customer Connect CRM improvements delivered August 2015

SAP delivers features for their customers (for free…) through its Customer Connect Program. For those who are not familiar with this program, my colleague Pieter has written the most important stuff here and here . Although it is already October, this blog is about my personal top 5 of improvements delivered in august 2015.

1) E-Mail editor: More comfortable Email functionality (D7351)

SAP has finally improved its e-mail functionality!  Until these improvements it was only possible to add an image to an e-mail in the IC email editor attaching it manually. The editor now also supports the pasting of images and screen captures from the clipboard. Next to that the RTE (Rich Text Editor) has been updated to support more formatting options.

Implementation (note 2173692) :
  * Install notes
  * Turn on BF UI_FRW_RTE

2) Show attachment symbol in result lists and assignment blocks (D7334)

To have a quick overview if any documents are attached to a transaction, a new column is now available. It still has to be configured however. This column shows an icon if there is an attachment on header level (! and on header level only).

The implementation does take a lot of effort since many structures are involved.

Implementation (note 2141594) :
  * Perform pre-implementation steps
  * Install notes
  * Perform manual post-implementation steps

3) Enable navigation links to be opened within a new tab/browser (D7179)

The title says it all, it is now possible to open a link in a new session so the user gets two screens so he can compare sessions without having to do the navigating all over again........except in all IC-business roles, it is not supported there...

Implementation (note 2135300) :

  * Perform manual steps (a lot !)

4) Drag and Drop attachment functionality for IC Email (D6982)

SAP and drag and drop! Finally, it's possible to drag a file from your Windows explorer to the IC e-mail editor, which will actually attach the file to the e-mail you're writing.

 Implementation (note 2141594):
  * Install notes

5a) Saved Search should save the sorting against multiple columns (D6773)

Before this enhancement, it was only possible to sort on one column at a time. This makes extensive selections quite useless and drives a user to export the whole result list to Excel, which can sort in every which way you want. This development allows users to do multiple sorts on a table, either directly on the table, or through personalization. Administrators can also define the default multi-sort through configuration.

Implementation (note 2131434):
 * SP-level  upgrade
* Perform manual post-implementation steps (there is a How-To document enclosed in the note)

5b) SAP CRM save sorting for the session (D6911)

While 5a give you the opportunity to sort in a proper way, this developments makes sure you can also save your sorting. This saves users a lot of time when having loads of results based on the same selection every time.

Implementation (note 1855398):
 * SP-level upgrade (there is also a How-To document enclosed in the note)

Looks promising (just missed the top 5) ..:
  •  Cancel search button should lead you back to search (D6913)
This is actually a repair of this one and must see in practice to see how much time this note actually saves.

Looks promising, however is not :
  •  Sequencing AND defaulting of drop down lists via configuration tool or something (D7356)
Looks cool, however it is more a document describing how to program this (not new), instead of providing functionality to customize.

Want to see a document with all improvements? Check here.
Thanks to Roel Rutten for pointing me to this document.

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