Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quick implementation of Hybris integrated with SAP

Do you also want to have a SAP Hybris commerce webshop? Do you also think that this is complex and expensive ? Read this blog to find out how to quickly implement a SAP Hybris webshop in your company!

The story of SAP and E-Commerce

SAP has always delivered an easy to build e-commerce webshop connected to the SAP backend system. It started with the Online Store (1996 - 2003). This was replaced by SAP Internet Sales (2002 - 2010) and later by SAP Web Channel Experience Management. As from 2013 SAP bought Hybris which is the leading solution for commerce.

The main advantages of the previous SAP solutions were:
  • Easy to implement and easy to configure
  • Out-of-the-box working B2C and B2B webshop
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP ERP and SAP CRM

The main disadvantages of the previous SAP solutions were:
  • Not flexible (limited number of functionality)
  • Not state-of-the-art technology 
  • Poor performance
  • Only working with SAP backend system

Now SAP Hybris solves the disadvantages and with the Acorel approach keeps the advantages.

The Acorel approach for SAP Hybris

When combining different solutions together we are able to deliver a working commerce webshop which is integrated with your ERP backend system in a very short time. Following solutions are combined into one approach:
  • SAP Hybris B2B or B2C Accelerator
    The accelerators delivers an out-of-the-box commerce webshop which supports the most common functionality using the famous SAP Hybris technology. 
  • SAP RDS Integration
    SAP has developed an RDS approach to quickly connect the SAP Hybris accelerator to an existing SAP ERP or CRM backend system. 

SAP Hybris delivers for example a B2B Accelerator which supports common functionality like:
  • Organization Management
  • Early Login (Logon required before accessing the webshop)
  • Spend Control (Which employee can order how many including approval flow)
  • Special Pricing
  • Quote Negotiation
  • Order Approval and Management
  • Inventory thresholds and future availability

Overview supported processes

Typical SAP Hybris Project
A typical SAP Hybris project with Acorel consists of following approach:
  • Preparation Phase
    • We will check the prerequisites for using SAP Hybris and organize a kickoff meeting.
    • We will install the B2B or B2C SAP Hybris Accelerator
    • We will organize workshops to demonstrate the standard B2B or B2C SAP Hybris Accelerator
    • During these workshop we will identify the changes needed to be done related to the standard delivered webshop. In case the changes are minimal the implementation will be limited as well.
  • Realization Phase
    • We will implement the missing functionality and look & feel
    • We will integrate the SAP Hybris B2B or B2C webshop with SAP ERP or SAP CRM.
    • During the realization we will organize workshops to review the changes made
  • Verification Phase
    • We will check the functionality and integration
    • The business will be trained and will test the final solution
  • Launch Phase
    • Bring the webshop live!

Example of the standard B2B SAP Hybris Accelerator

Overview standard interfaces for SAP ERP