Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - 1605 Release

Developments in SAP Hybris C4C are going fast. As a matter of fact, the Cloud solution is evolving at warp speed. Every quarter a new release is being pushed to all users meaning that all system tenants are being upgraded. At the beginning of this month (7th of May 2016) the system was upgraded to the anticipated solution version 1605.01.0016, another milestone in the C4C history.

Why was this a milestone? First of all, as of release 1605 the product name officially changed to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. And second, this release was filled again with tons of new features, goodies and bug fixes which potentially could turn many C4C users into happy campers.

In this edition of our weekly blog I will elaborate on a selection of interesting new features and changes that are worthwhile to take a closer look at. I will highlight features that have been released for the Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service solution.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales

Every quarter the solution is being expanded and enhanced for an optimizing the Sales process. Some notable features have been listed below.

Customer and Contact Merge

Usually you do not want duplicate records in your system. These records can diminish the master data quality, which makes it harder to work with the system and could potentially lead to an inaccurate customer insight. Therefore, it is a great to be able to merge multiple matching duplicate records into a single golden record that represents the truth. As of 1605 the merge functionality for Accounts and Contacts has been extended and support now merging of three objects straight from the object work list. In order to be able to use this functionality you first have to set up / enable the Customer Account merge in general. How to do this can be found at the SAP Wiki (

Sales Area Determination and Defaulting

This can be a neat feature to take away the hassle from the end-user when entering documents in the system. It is usually preferred to automate the selection process especially if the determination or defaulting behaviour can be captured in logical rules. It cuts down data entry time and prevents user errors. As of 1605, sales area assignment has now been made available for the business object ‘Lead’ which can also be automatically determined by logic. For activities and visits it was already available but now automatic determination and defaulting has been introduced for these objects. Lastly sales area defaulting is also introduced on the sales quote with configurable logic which supports different comparison match scenarios. In order to activate above mentioned functionality it is required to change the scoping of your solution, setup the logic in the fine-tune activity and in some cases also extension fields should be enabled on the business object header.

Other considerable changes in Cloud for Sales:

Sales Quotes & Orders

  • Survey summary in PDF format can be generated for completed surveys assigned to the sales quote. In order to be able to generate the summary, the survey must be of category "Checklists" and must have the completed status.
  • Item type will now be copied to follow-up document (copy control) as configured in fine-tuning activity. Optionally code list restrictions can be used to restrict item types based on document type. It can also be configured if the item type is pricing relevant or free good.
  • For the customer item involved parties are now added to a sales order. This means that the document address can be maintained without impacting the master data.

Dynamic Target Groups

Marketing administrator can now create dynamic target groups and schedule a background job for one time or periodic refresh of TG based on conditions. The accounts/contacts/customers will be automatically added to the TG once they match the defined conditions.

Capture Responses

End-user can now directly capture responses for a campaign from from within the contact on a specific campaigns facet. From there a new task action triggers a quick create task that can be assigned to the campaign and a response can also be captured.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Service

Also in the service department tons of functionality have been added or enhanced for improved support of the service process. The solution is making leaps towards maturity.


  • Multiple Signatures are now supported.
  • Determine customer based on registered product.
  • Various Survey enhancements:
    • New Survey facet on the ticket available in Responsive UI
    • Generate Survey Summary once completed.
    • Expose Survey Questions and Results in Ticket PDF summary.

Van Stock

Replicate Van Stock data from ECC to C4C and display the stock and consume parts from Van Stock in the ticket by adding products from the stock location. Determination of processing type can be configured. Van Stock also takes into account authorization access restrictions.

Maintenance Plans

New features have been added:
  • Alternating maintenance plans (new schedule type).
  • Offset for cyclical maintenance plans.
  • Mass addition of maintenance items in background.
  • Last Maintenance Date is being displayed in the maintenance plan facet on item level.
  • Update from Ticket resolution date to maintenance plan.

Resource Scheduler

  • Employee working times determined from the employee maintained data.
  • Automatic Time Entries based on assignment status changes. When the technician changes the status the time entry is being created.


New features have been added
  • Offline enablement for synchronization.
  • Page Layout enablement, can be assigned to the roles based on approval status or contract status. Also contract Access restrictions based to users/roles.
  • Standard Invoice Parameters: integration with ECC Bill plan and invoice parameters i.e. start/end date, scheduling interval and horizon. On header and item level.

Installed Base

New features have been added:

  • Installed Base Change History: track changes except changes on notes and attachments.
  • Registered Product Party determination from Account: bill to and ship to parties are being determined based on registered product.
  • Workflow for Installed Base can now be created. Standard fields as serial ID and Service technician of installation point are available as conditions, as well as custom fields.
  • Replication of warranty ID, start/end date from ECC. Replicated to the external warranty fields in the registered product overview.

Well, that’s all folks! 1605 release in a nutshell. Of course there is more to it than just described in this week’s blog. For more information I would like to refer to the SAP SCN page regarding this release ( There you can also find the YouTube video briefing and other materials. That’s a great starting point for exploring the new capabilities of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the section below.