Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sales is just a marriage

You know the feeling?
That feeling that you meet someone for the first time and instantly you’re in love? Those butterflies in your stomach?

You do your best to impress that beautiful, sweet girl in the hope that love is mutual. You pull out all the stops to convince the other person that you are the best party. The best part is when that girl of your dreams is also in love with you. Because you're so in love you’re doing more together.
When you find out after a while that you are not the right one for each other the relationship will be broken. After this disappointment you go on with your life and start finding another sweet beautiful girl.
But, once you know each other well and you're still in love, you ask her to marry you!

Your engagement is a fact, the marriage and the wedding have been prepared and both you and all family and friends live intensely towards that most important day in your life.
Your marriage is a big party, but after the wedding night, in the early morning, you slip out like a thief in the night. Searching for another beautiful girl

I hear you thinking, what does this have to do with sales? Frankly? Everything!

Sales seduces, builds relationships, make an offer you can’t refuse and ensures that the contract is signed.
Unfortunately, it often happens that a sales rep runs away after the signing of the contract. He doesn't pay attention to that customer. He is already running to win his next deal. There is nothing wrong about running for the next match but such a marriage will not last long.
When the ink has dried, it remains important to continue to invest in your relationship. It's like a marriage! If you do not continue to invest, it will eventually bleed to death.

It remains for the seller important to build good and lasting relationships. Also after the signing of the agreement; it’s just like a marriage:
- Continue to show interest in your customer;
- Make sure you build mutual trust;
- Apply regularly knowledge and experience and do not just get;
- Be yourself, because you can’t always be an actor;

And if you built that solid engagement, your relationship can cope some tempestuous weather.

Yes, and that a seller still wants to marry all those other beautiful girls? They have invented polygamy for!