Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why integration is key for improving your customer engagement

It’s not easy being a marketer these days according to a recent study done by Forrester about marketing. Did you now that, on average, marketers have 15 separate systems that house various parts of customer information? 15?!

What does this mean for a marketer? Well first of all, you can bet the information in these 15 systems is not in sync, which means that the marketer basically cannot say which information is correct. Secondly if you, as a marketer, want to create a target group for a certain campaign you will have to get data from a lot of systems in order to segment on data that is relevant. This process is very time consuming and there is a big chance that you are engaging your customers based on incorrect information.

And that is why marketers need tooling that helps them in combining information from various solutions, creating that “Golden Record”, that helps them in making the right decisions at the right moment to be able to improve their customer engagement.

That “Golden Record” is what we call in the SAP Hybris Marketing solution the Customer Profile; it is the place where all the customer information and interactions, from all those various systems, come together. This gives you, as a marketer, that so needed complete marketing view on the customer. It gives you endless possibilities when it comes down to creating target groups, as you now can combine information like Webshop clicks with order data from your ERP system and for example service ticket information from your CRM solution (e.g. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer).

The following animated GIF shows where different customer information can originate from and how SAP Hybris Marketing creates a Golden Record and a complete picture of the customer (in this case, me ;))

I do not expect that the 15 systems where customer data is stored now will suddenly be only 1 system, so you need a marketing solution that can smoothly integrate with all of those source systems and can combine all of this information to one solid Golden Profile. And that is just of the many powerful capabilities of SAP Hybris Marketing!

If you want to play with the SAP Hybris Marketing solution yourself, you can get a 30-day trial right here. Want to have some more information about this topic? Just check out the other posts about it on this blog. Have a question? Just leave it in the comment section below and I will respond as soon as I can!