Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center

By now everybody is aware that SAP CRM and SAP Cloud for Service are the service solutions SAP offers. Recently SAP added a new solution to their portfolio and this is called SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center. This new solution aims at leveraging the knowledge and experience of your customers and your customer service employees in the sales process. Customers don't want to extensively search for answers to their questions, nor do they want to wait days for companies to answer a question. If they can't easily find the answer and can't ask the question easily they start researching alternatives. If this happens, the chance of successful sales is drastically reduced.

For a company it therefore becomes increasingly relevant to engage with potential customers directly, through the channel of their choice. This is where SAP positions SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center with the technology of SAP Contact Center to support the channels. The solution integrates into the SAP Hybris Commerce storefront and allows customers to initiate an interaction with a customer service employee through phone, chat, video chat or one of the other channels. The video chat functionality doesn't require installation lowering the bar for the customer to engage in a video chat session. With this direct interactions, an employee can answer the questions for the customer straight away and if needed even place the order for them.

Besides allowing the customer to directly interact with a customer service employee, the solution allows setting up communities as well. With such communities, customers can help each other with their experience and best practices. To set up communities, the solution integrates with SAP Jam. In case a community message is not responded to by a community member within a certain time frame, it can be escalated to a customer service employee. The employee then responds to the community and this answer is immediately visible for other customers having similar questions. This way the community is also used as some sort of knowledge base.

For the agent, the communication channels are integrated into Unified Agent Desktop based on SAP Fiori. From there an agent can engage in multiple chats simultaneously, or communicate with customers though video chat. All from within the same user interface.

In case a customer question requires further investigation or follow up, SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center can trigger a service ticket to SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, from where the service process is then further processed by for example field service employees.