Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to switch off standard SAP C4C email notifications

For many customers there is a need to send notifications by email to the respective users. For example when a transaction has been created or when it has reached a certain status.

As many of you probably already know, this is very easily configurable by using workflow rules. These workflow rules can be set up in such a way that it meets your business needs perfectly. You can define the email subject and content text as you wish and it is possible to add different attributes like object ID, business partner name etc.

So far, so good; however in most SAP Hybris C4C projects there are certain settings that are 'switched on' – when you are defining your project scope – which is usually executed long before the actual go-live. One of those switches contains the setting that the system automatically sends out an email notification as soon as a transaction has been created.

By the time you have created all the new workflow email notifications and the system is completely set up, you realize that there is already an email notification that is sent to the users à result: double the amount of email notifications in the recipient inbox à result: unhappy users.

The content of this automatic email notification is very basic:

It is also not possible to influence the content of that email. Therefore it would be best to make sure the users do not receive this email anymore.

There are two ways to do this:
1. Users 'unsubscribe' themselves from email notifications
2. Switch off the standard email notification completely

I will describe both ways, by using the example of a newly created service ticket.

Option 1: Users can 'unsubscribe' themselves from e-mail notifications

In the notification area of SAP Hybris C4C the user receives different types of notifications. One of these would be the standard notification that SAP sends out to the agent responsible, as soon as a ticket has been created and saved.

The user can decide for himself if he wants to receive certain email notifications or not. By simply clicking the blue arrow on the right side of the notification he can choose to 'unsubscribe from e-mail'. This would then only apply for this user and for that specific email notification type.

This could be helpful, but it would be a bit much to ask every single user to unsubscribe from an 'unnecessary' email notification, as the new workflow email notification is already in place. Therefore the second option would be the best option in this case.

Option 2: Completely switch off the standard email notification for all users

The setting that makes sure this standard notification is automatically sent, is configured in the project scope/fine-tuning activity list.
To switch it off you need to open Silverlight and go to the work center 'Business Configuration' and open the activity list. Search for Business Task Management. There are multiple options, but for our example of service tickets, you need to open the option 'Customer Care':

In order to change the setting, you need to make sure there is an active change project and that the activity is 'In Project' - this should be set to 'Yes'! In the next screen choose for 'Notifications for Ticket assignment'

Here you will find three different notifications that are currently send automatically to the agents responsible:

When you deactivate the relevant notification, it will no longer be sent to the respective users:

Now the only email notification the users will receive is the workflow notification which was specifically designed for this process!